Out of the mouths of babes.

We were having lunch the other day and this is what went down:

Supermom: Lil O needs a bath.
Lil O: I want you to give me a bath. (She was looking at Superdad to tell him.)
Superdad: Who do you like to give you a bath?
Lil O: You. (Said again to Superdad.)
Superdad: Do you like how I wash your hair and don't get water in your eyes?
Lil O: Yes.
Supermom: Well, GOOD!!! One less thing I have to worry about!!!
Lil O: I still love you mommy.


Yesterday my sister stopped by with Niece A. We were sitting at the table eating a small bite of lunch.

Out of the blue Niece A says, "You're pretty!" She was looking at me.
Why thank you! You are pretty toooo!!! I told her.
Niece A: My mommy is pretty too.
Yes, she is!!!!!

So I have one child who doesn't want me to give her a bath BUT she still loves me. Then I have my little niece telling me that I am pretty. Ahhhh, can it get any better?