Oh yes, it's OSCAR night. And the feeling's right. Oh yes, it's OSCAR night. Oh what a night!

I admit it!! I stayed up to watch the OSCARS!!!! Maybe it was out of my Hugh fascination. Nahhh, I wanted to see the dresses and of course give my opinion on them!!!

I thought everyone looked amazing. No one really stood out with "WHAT IN THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING WEARING THAT DRESS?!?!?" I did tell Superdad, "You'd think Jake would have told Reese not to wear that awful blue eyeshadow!" Sadly, he did not. Now that I think about it I really didn't like her dress that much either.


Natalie Portman

She is just a total babe!!!!!!!!!! If they ever make a movie about me I would like Natalie Portman to play my role!!!!

I teared up when Penelope won! I enjoyed her character in the movie but I had hoped that Taraji Henson would win the OSCAR. I LOVED her in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I didn't care for the movie that much but HER I LOVED!

I cried when Heath Ledgers family accepted the OSCAR on behalf of Matilda. I think everyone did! I saw the Batman movie and thought he was BRILLIANT in it. The movie was dark but it was supposed to be.

I also wanted Mickey Rourke to win for The Wrestler. I haven't seen the movie but I hear it is AWESOME. I remember Mickey Rourke back in the day of 9 1/2 Weeks and Wild Orchid. He was a sex God back then. I think Mickey Rourke has had to overcome a lot of things in his life and making The Wrestler was about all that. I was sad to see that he didn't get the OSCAR! You are a winner to me MICKEY ROURKE!!!!!! If I was able to give you an OSCAR I would!!!

That sums up my late night. Now I am off to play SUPERMOM!!!!!!


Michele said…
I agree with what you wrote. I was telling my 12 yr. old son last night about who Mickey Rourke was and how he used to look. I was disappointed in Sean Penn for no shout out to his family.
Supermom said…
Thanks Michele for the comment! I went to your blog and added you to my list. I look forward to reading more!!!! Of course when I get all four kids to bed and such!!

I tried to comment on your blog but I am unable to comment when the form looks like that!!

I hope you will see this and know.

Michelle :)
Michele said…
Hi SuperMom,
I was just changing my "title" and I saw you added yourself as a follower. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Maybe you were looking while I was updating. Hope my comment section looks OK now.
Supermom said…
Nope. :(

Read this to understand why.

Anonymous said…
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