Lovea Bedhead

I know the color is off but I took this with my Blackberry at 6:05 am this morning. I have had a few questions about my hair. Have you cut it? Are you still growing it? Well, I am still growing it. I am going to let 2009 be the year of hair for me.

My husband has always been a fan of my bedhead. That's how Lovea Bedhead came to be. It's my Bond Girl name. We are huge Bond fans and our first date was even a Bond movie. Since I have short hair I can have some unique bedhead.
Hence Lovea Bedhead.

A menu was made and now I have to grocery shop. Superdad said to wait until tomorrow when the weather was warmer and he'd go help. I love that man! :)

Here's what I have so far:

Chicken Stroganoff
BBQ Roast
Veggie Night
Shepherd's Pie

Then I am going to buy a rotisserie chicken to use it for 3 lunch things. Slice some, make chicken salad with some and then use the rest for soup. That's what Mrs F does! It's an awesome idea! She really is a rock star!!!

I am trying to decide on what to wear for my interview on Sunday. I always wear grey and black. I am comfortable in those colors. Superdad told me that those colors do NOTHING for me. He wants me to wear this green sweater that I have. I want to wear my grey sweater! Opinions???????? He also said I should wear Baby M in the wrap for the interview. He said this after I carried her around this morning in it. LOL She is sick and wants me to hold her all day.
I guess a Supermom does multitask a lot. Hmmmmm....

Okay, I am off to answer the Supermom question that was asked yesterday!


Monkey's Momma said…
Wear what you are comfortable in. Wear the baby too!