A love letter for Baby M.

Dear Baby M,

I was sitting on the couch today just watching you play. I had to hold back my tears just watching you. I often find myself just staring at you. Thinking that you came from part of me. I find it hard to believe that you are 9 1/2 months old. It seems just like yesterday that I ran into the living room in my granny gown to tell your daddy about the test being +. I was wearing that silly blue granny gown just in case you ever see me in it.

I still remember seeing you on the 3D ultrasound. Thinking, "That's my Girl!". I know that Superdad and B2 probably wanted a boy BUT let me tell you that they were so thrilled you were a girl. Girls can wrap their daddy around their pinky just like that. Little sisters adore their brothers. I am sure you will find that B2 does no wrong in your eyes.

I am so proud of your accomplishments so far!!! WALKING!!! TALKING!!! DANCING!! You are such a copy cat. The other day I had a tickle in my throat and kept clearing it. You cleared your throat for DAYS copying me.

I love seeing your beautiful cowlick. We noticed it right when you were born. I know you will probably hate it when you get older! I love it though.

I enjoy watching you show off when we have company.

I enjoy when you follow me all through the house.

I enjoy when you stand by the bathtub patiently waiting for me to get out.

I enjoy watching you try different foods. You have SIX teeth!!!!

I love it when you give me a slobber kiss.

I love snuggling up to you during the night as you sleep soundly between me and your daddy.

I love it when you crawl in my lap wanting me to nurse you. You Boobie Snacker you!

Please don't grow up so fast Baby M.

Just know your mommy is madly in love with you. I was even before I met you!

Your Mommy

A close up of your cowlick.
Cow Lick

In this picture you were at H's door trying to get her to open it for you.
Come on!

Here are you playing with your big sis Lil O. I know she may be mean to you but she loves you with her whole heart.
I'm going to get you!


LYIS said…
That is so beautiful, they just grow up waaaaay too fast! Love her cowlick!
Supermom said…
Thanks!!! Me too!
Renee said…
LOL on the cowlick...both my children are blessed w/ one as well! This was a heartwarming post...esp. poignant for me in that I've just put in the paperwork for my oldest to start Kindergarten...where did the last 5 years go?!?!