It's okay to ask for help. Hormonal teen trouble again. An interested boy called the house. I've got a bone to pick with Denny's!!!!

I have several topics to blog about this morning. That's why this blog has so many title's. I hope I don't leave anything out.

I guess I should start with how my day started yesterday. I woke up at the crack of dawn with the kids and did the normal routine. Laundry, picking up and bathing kids.

I started feeling nauseous. Hurting in my chest. I started seeing a "lightening flash" in my left eye when I closed it. I called Superdad right away then I popped some migraine meds. I sat on the couch waiting for the purple haze to take over. I just felt totally icky. As the meds kicked in and I was feeling fuzzy I headed to take a quick bath. Baby M stood patiently by the tub like always. I hadn't had a bath since Sunday at 4:30 AM so I was in need of one. Sort of like a fresh start. Putting on clean pj's has a calmness to it. Or I had hoped.

I settled on the couch under a blanket with the kids. Superdad came home from work for lunch. He took over for me so I just laid there. Then my MIL showed up. She knew I had a headache and she was bringing lunch by. I had arranged for my sis to pick up the kids from school since I was unable to leave the house.

I was able to crawl in bed and sleep for a couple of hours because I didn't have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Why are you blogging about this???

I want you to know that it is OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP!!!! Often mothers think it's awful to ask for help. Maybe awful isn't the right word. Maybe they don't like to think that they are unable to do it all and feel like a failure when they need help. That is NOT the case. I know first hand that it is hard to ask for help. I hardly ever ask for help. Not that I don't need it but because I find it hard to just ask.

I was so thankful my MIL came over to play with the smaller babies so I could sleep. I was so thankful for my sister getting the older kids from school for me. I was thankful that Superdad took control and I was able to just LET GO. As a mother I know how hard it is to just LET GO and BE. Be in the here and now. Instead of being there, there, there and there.

I woke up feeling somewhat better and just laid around the house for the rest of the day.

Moving on.

A year or so ago my daughter H was interested in a boy. They spoke at school. On the phone. Even went to the movies with ADULT SUPERVISION! Then things went sour. He hurt her. She cried. He called her a name. I even blogged about it back then. Fast forward to now. She supposedly likes him again. Been talking to him. Blah blah blah. DOESN'T SHE EVER LEARN?!?!?!? So anyway...H was at her dad's house over the weekend. Her dad and brothers were practice camping for scouts so he was away from home. She and the step-sis took advantage of the situation and talked H's step-mom into letting the boy mentioned above go to the movies with them. It's not a good thing to take advantage of your step-parents! Just a quick FYI!

Anyway, I didn't find out about this until I was trying to rest with my migraine. The step-mom didn't know that we had issues with the boy so she thought nothing of it. She happened to hear me and H's dad talking about this boy and how he was not to call H. Then she told him what had happened on Saturday.

So of course I had to deal with that yesterday when she got home from school. After I had said what I had to say and said NO PHONE OR COMPUTER FOR THIS WEEK she totally wouldn't take any responsibility for her actions. Then she cut a rusty in her room. She was trying to hurt me and she succeeded. She took down things I had given her and pictures that had me in them. I guess since I called her on her actions then she was going to take it out on me.

I was too tired to cry. I just sat around in a daze. Thinking, "Can I NOT have ONE DRAMA free week???"

I am not a step-parent. I grew up with a step-parent. I just want the kids to know that you cannot take advantage of your step-parents. H knew that if she had asked ME or her DAD that she WOULD NOT have been going to the movies with THAT BOY. Enough said.

Get this! HE CALLS the house to speak to me. He mentioned that H said I had a problem with him and he wanted to know why and plead his case. SERIOUSLY!! HE DID IN FACT CALL MY HOUSE AFTER ALL THIS TOOK PLACE. I cannot quote word for word what was said. I am going to give you an idea of what I said though.

"Well, about a year or so ago you hurt my daughter. Then you called her some names. She tends to forget things like that but I do not. I am not going to put up with drama. My daughter is a beautiful young woman with so many opportunities in her future and she is my main concern. She just got rid of one loser why would I want her to get with another. I have no problem with you two being friends but why do you have to classify it as boyfriend/girlfriend? Sure, you talk on the phone and see each other at school but there is no way you two will be alone on dates. You both are only 14!!! I am sure you are a nice young man and I have nothing against you I am just looking out for my daughter like any responsible parent would."

It went something like that. Did I handle that okay?

Speaking of the other loser she was "dating". They broke up few weeks ago. GET THIS!!! His mother called H on Sunday to fuss at her for breaking her son's heart. Give me a freaking break. We are talking about 14 year old KIDS!! You heard me KIDS!! K. I. D. S. Stay out of it please. They are broken up. You want to call someone then call me. I am here to answer any questions you may have. I told H she didn't have to put up with that and she should have given the phone to an ADULT! That is an adult situation and KIDS shouldn't have to deal with that!

Exciting stuff huh?? I'd gladly change shoes with someone. :)

I was unable to sleep last night so I sat up watching The Bachelor. I know. ~hanging head~
Then I saw a story for the 11 pm news so I stayed up to watch it. A local Denny's, about 10 minutes from my house, ACTUALLY TOLD A BREASTFEEDING mom that if she wanted to nurse her son that she had to LEAVE the restaurant. UH HUH!!! YES THEY DID!!!!

Here's what the news story said.

Breastfeeding Debate

An Asheville woman says she was asked to cover up or leave a local Denny's restaurant while breastfeeding her son, Sunday afternoon.

Crystal Everitt says an employee approached her at her table.

"She said you can stay if you're not going to breastfeed your child anymore, but if you're going to breastfeed your child, you need to leave," said Everitt. "And of course he still needed to eat, so I had to leave."

Asheville Police were called, but since baring a woman's breast is not illegal in North Carolina, no report was taken.

Everitt calls it discrimination.

"It's incidents like these that keep women from breastfeeding or feeding for more than a couple of months because of the peer pressure to stay at home," she said.

Managers at the Denny's referred News 13 to corporate headquarters. They did not return our call.

So Denny's get the CARDBOARD COOKIE AWARD. Dumb asses! Sorry. I AM ALL FOR BREASTFEEDING!!! To actually tell a mom that. So, I want in on the breastfeeding sit in at Denny's. I'll gladly whip the girls out for Baby M to nurse!!!! Who's with me????

As you can tell I have a very full plate of emotions today. I am off to drink more coffee. Any advice or encouraging words would be lovely.


Mrs Furious said…
I attended a nurse-in (well it was outside) of Applebee's after they did a similar thing to a woman in Kentucky. It became a big deal with a nationwide nurse-in.

I'm going to go to Denny's and nurse Baby... HA! That'd show them! You don't like seeing an infant nurse... how about a two year old!
Supermom said…
I'll go tooooooooooooo!! LOL

Crazy stuff! Glad I don't go there to begin with!!!