I'm still not giving up my beer or blackberry.

~amused look here~ I really like that!! I'm not giving up my beer or blackberry. I couldn't come up with anymore song lyrics though. Maybe later.

I finally got some of that snow I asked for. No school today. This city shuts down with even a hint of snow. Thankfully there is about 1 1/2 inches out there. HA HA!! In all honesty I had hoped to wake up to snow melting because I had lunch plans today. I was going to make Mrs F lunch so we could hang out and enjoy the day. BUMMER!!! We had to get snow the day I actually made adult plans. ~sniffle~ I was going to make her my favorite tuna pasta lunch. No, it doesn't come from a box. I do it all myself. It's rather tasty!

Here recently I have been seeing some Facebook articles out there. Like "Facebook is high school all over again" and "Being friends with your old boyfriends on Facebook". I am sorry I cannot link you to the exact blogs. I cannot remember where I saw these. Comment me if these belong to you and I'll link you. :)

Well, I am here to say that Facebook is HIGH SCHOOL all over again. You are still "collecting" friends. Wondering if you will get that invite from the popular girl or the handsome jock. It's all out of curiosity that you befriend these people from your past. You want to see their picture. If they are married. If they have kids. If they left this SMALL town! Things like that.

Of course you are looking to see if your ex is on Facebook. All out of curiosity I tell you. You try to remember all the crushes you had. You may even get your yearbook out to start looking up people. I am not speaking from experience I assure you. HA HA!! Yeah right! I did do that. HA HA!

I looked a few people up. Some have a Facebook page and some don't. I even saw recent pictures of my husband's ex GF on here. ~amused laugh~

I thought about putting my 80's hair picture on Facebook. Remember this:

80's hair

Who would of thought that we'd have this much access to people all those years ago in high school? Maybe we would have been nicer to people then if we knew they'd hunt us down now.


Mrs Furious said…
LOL you totally should put that picture up on FB. That is hilarious.

And yes I'm total bummed as well... now I have to stay home and listen to Kid "talk" through her kazoo all day. It gets old fast I assure you.
Supermom said…
HA HA! I bet is does. Can today be a "let your TV babysit the kids" day?

Lil O and Baby M both have runny noses so maybe it worked out best.

Not for me though. I needed your adult time. :)

You know kazoos get lost all the time along with toys that require batteries. I'm just saying...
Monkey's Momma said…
I noticed that when I joined FB, one of my ex-BF's made his profile "private" (like I really care). His wife, who I knew from HS requested that I be her friend and I accepted. But he and I still have not become FB friends.

I am really having a blast catching up with old friends, though.