I squeezed myself into size 10 pants just for today!

~sipping coffee in my new WYFF 4 mug~

I worked on my line all the way to Greenville in hopes that it would have been the answer to the first question asked. HA HA!!

Here's what I had.

As a mother of four children ranging in age from a teenager to an infant I deal with a lot of things that mothers can relate to. Hormonal teenager behavior. Potty training. Taking a pacifier away. Trying to save money with a bigger family. I tell funny stories and give helpful advice. I find the Internet to be a great place to express myself.

I even had a joke worked out if asked, "Did you face anything challenging this week?"

Why yes. Trying to decide on something to wear today. I was going to wear my usual dress code, my pajamas but I didn't want you to lose any viewers. So instead I squeezed into these size 10 pants just for you.

I was trying to make early morning viewers get a giggle.

I didn't get to say my line exactly how I had played it in my head because she didn't ask that question first thing. It's okay though because I got it all in there I think. I wasn't all that nervous which I find odd. I was pretty calm.

I don't have the video up to show you just yet. Hopefully it will be on Sound Off South around Tuesday.

Okay, must go. Baby M is being real clingy today. That's what getting up at 5:20 am will do to ya.