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I know that some things are out of my control.

It seems that I have a few things on my plate of life. Actually I have a full plate that is dripping onto the nice place mat on the table.

I try to relax and let things just happen.

Then last night as I am nudged about 12:30 ish AM to my son throwing up in the bathroom I realize that some things are out of my control.

As I got up from bed, more like RUN LIKE HELL, to the bathroom. I looked up and spoke to God,

"I know you are the one in control. I'll stop worrying so much. I'll give things over to you to handle."

As I was cleaning up the mess my thoughts were like this,


So, today will be tend to sick moan-y boy. He won't go to bed. He insists on sighing and moaning through the house.


Mrs Furious said...

Oh no! :(

Supermom said...

He's feeling better Mrs F.