Hmmmm. That was odd.

Earlier I posted that I had slept with Justin Timberlake to get a few extra hits. Since I signed up for AdBrite to post links on my blog I knew the hits were extra special today. I just wanted a few extra!! HA HA!!!!

Actually, I have never slept with Justin Timberlake. Or even met Justin Timberlake. Even been in the same place with Justin Timberlake.

After I posted that my blog wouldn't show up. I had to reword the whole blog post again.

Hmmmmm, maybe Justin Timberlake didn't like me saying that? Or Jessica??

Okay, I will stop being silly. Night night!


Jennifer said…
Yeah. I saw the title, and clicked over to your blog to read all the juicy details, however I coudln't find the post. I was crushed.
CK said…
Ditto on what Jen said. How do you know when "they" will be counting your hits? And who is "they?" Is big brother counting mine too? aaaaack! hehe
the thought of "they" makes me want to hide under my kitchen table so "big brother" doesn't see me. ugh!
Supermom said…
Ha ha. Big Brother isn't watching you I promise.

I signed up for AdBrite to offer links on my blog so I figured for the first 24 hours I wanted the hits to be higher.

Bad Michelle! But you do what you have to do.
Have a wonderful day!!