Flight of the Conchords

We have been catching up on an HBO series called Flight of the Conchords. HILARIOUS!!!!!!! At first I wasn't to sure if I liked them. I was flip flopping around. At first I thought Bret was cute then I thought Jemaine was cuter then back to Bret. It's still up in the air. Perhaps that was why I was fascinated by them. I doubt it because sometimes they do something that you laugh about!

Below is one of their songs. It is a bit naughty so you probably don't want children around. (or to open at work)

HA HA HA!!! Aren't they addictive? I think it would be totally cool if I could get them to write me a song. A theme song for The Adventures of Supermom. I could only imagine how wild it would get! I wonder if I emailed them enough they would write something for me. I can dream! Right?

I am glad we watched them last night because it changed my mood. I woke up at 6 yesterday with Baby M and knew instantly I was in a bad place. When you deal with anxiety and depression you never know when one of those days will pop up on you. Well, yesterday was my day. I even raised my voice at Lil O. Granted, she did hit me causing my outburst. I am limiting her TV time and I was bargaining with her the 3 shows that she could watch for the day. She had picked Max & Ruby, Olivia and Dora. I was writing them on the board so she could see the 3 shows and mark them off as she watched them showing her that her TV time was over. With Lil O if things are written down she understands them more. Even though she cannot read. I will read them to her and she understands and does what's expected. Weird huh? So anyway I was writing them down and she started to push me and then hit me. I am still not sure why she was acting that way. She told me the shows and I was just writing them down. I totally lost my cool. Even the best of us can do that. I had terrible guilt about it all damn day. I even stayed in my pj's all day. I finally took a quick bath at 4ish with Baby M waiting patiently beside the tub.

~shrug~ It's all okay now. We made up and snuggled on the couch.

Tomorrow is my big day. I already talked to the nice woman that will interview me. She called and we chatted the other day. I have been organizing my thoughts and preparing myself for how I may answer things. I'd like to say a big THANK YOU for all the encouraging words you have sent me. Tivo's have been set. VHS tapes have been set. I have my grandmother and two great aunts that have their alarms set so they can get up to see in the morning. They didn't even know I was a blogger and doing The Adventures of Supermom. SURPRISE!!! HA HA!

Today is my MIL's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a swell woman and I am so happy to have her in my life. She has taught me a few things!!!!! We are going to spend time with her this afternoon. Then I am going to come home and pick out what to wear in the morning. Decisions decisions.

I hope that my awesome readers have a wonderful weekend! I'll be sure to blog about my interview when I get home tomorrow. And honor all autograph requests. :-)


Monkey's Momma said…
Good Luck!!! Have fun, you famous blogger, you!
Helene said…
Wow, how cool is that??!! You're famous!!! Good luck with the interview! Maybe you could post it on You-Tube so those of us who don't get that channel can see it!
Mrs Furious said…
My favorite of their songs is "It's Business Time"

I find there original Stand Up versions of their songs... which you can catch all over YouTube are much funnier than the show.
Supermom said…
I'll have to tell Superdad! He really enjoys them. :)