Does potty training have you frustrated?

It does this mom!!! She "Asked Supermom" yesterday and I gave her my opinion. If any of my readers has another suggestion please comment below!!!

The Question:
Lori said...

I need some help potty training my 3 1/2 year old son! It's been six weeks and he still CHOOSES to pee in his pants (he wears underwear). The Ped told me to let him go on his own, no reminders, and the discomfort and interruption of having to stop what he is doing to go and change will inspire him to go to the potty. So far it's not working...any advice?

February 5, 2009 8:48 PM

My Advice:
Supermom said...

Ohhh goodie!! Potty training! How fun!!!! My son was the hardest to train I am afraid to admit.

I disagree with your doc. IMPO a child needs to me reminded. EVEN BRIBED!!!! Keep a potty where he plays the most. After he drinks remind him to potty. If he uses the big potty, throw some cheerios in it. Give him a stool and let him aim for them. Sounds silly but at this point you want to get him interested even if he thinks it's a game.

I bought a bag of M & M's and kept them in sight where the potty was. If you pee pee in the potty you get 3 M & M's and for a poop you get 6! Does he want a new toy? Buy it. Put it in the bathroom. If he uses the potty every day for such and such time he can get the toy. I am all for bribing!!!!!

I know it's frustrating. I am sorry. I promise you that he won't be doing this by the time he starts school. :)


Dee Dee said…
We bribe too which works well for some kids. I had others that responded better to loss of privileges - actually they 1)couldn't go outside and 2)had to nap, because that is what babies do - wear diapers and take naps.
I never succumbed to wet underwear though. Fine, if you don't want to potty then wear a diaper and I'll treat you like you are a baby. That is what worked best for my 3yo son who was capable but didn't care. It helped that he had a brother 2 years older to inspire him. Stars on the calendar are good motivators for some kids too... and when you get x number of stars they are redeemable for prizes. My dd was too smart for the M&M game. She pee 4 drops, get her candy and 5 mins later repeat that process. That is when we did stars with a bigger prize. You could do one star for each success at the beginning, and then graduate to a dry day = star.
This too shall pass.... :) And don't let it become a nagging issue. Some kids thrive on attention so much that they'll be happy to get negative attention.
Supermom said…
Thanks Dee Dee!! Loved the advice!

With Lil O I got so frustrated that she wouldn't use the potty that I actually took all her DVD's away. She had to use the potty ONE time to get ONE back. Had to continue to use the potty to actually WATCH it. It didn't work sadly. I had totally forgot about that. I even blogged about it.

I hope that all this advice will help mothers out there!