DAMMIT I live in the mountains and I think SNOW is a requirement!!!!!!

The sun is shining into the house!! Yes, it's odd I'd rather see dark skies with white flecks falling onto the ground. BUT I DO!!!!!!!

I am tired of getting my hopes up to have them SMASHED into the sunny sky of reality!!!!!

Anyway.....today is pick up day. That is sort of like pick up sticks. Make it happy, find it a home.

Yesterday I was actually out of the house so today is pick up and finish the laundry. UGH!!!

I even bought H her True Love Waits ring. It's simple and yet strikingly beautiful. Just click the picture to go to the designers website. There are several different choices.

Superdad is going to the grocery store to pick up bread, baby food and whatever else is on THE LIST!!!! Superdad will stick to the list because he is good like that. Right?

Sometimes I feel like a total bore just posting normal day to day routines here at the Superhero house. It's nice to post the mundane day to day stuff though. Makes me feel semi normal. HA HA!

I life without drama is a good life. :)

We are still compacting. Worrying about money. Coming up with a plan. I still REFUSE TO GIVE UP MY BEER AND MY BLACKBERRY. I'd rather do without cable TV than my BEER AND BLACKBERRY. That sounds like a new country song.

"I refuse to give up my beer and blackberry due to no funds in the bank. I know jobs are being cut and life is getting hard. Honey, please don't make me give up my beer and blackberry though. la la la... I promise to quit hunting and fishing. Well, I would if I actually did hunt or fish. How about give up my expensive cheese or Blue Diamond crackers? Please honey please, don't make me give up my beer and blackberry. Perhaps I could stop buying Corona Light and go for something cheaper? la la la...."