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I'm in the mood to give advice solicited or even unsolicited.

Come on! I just had nice company with Mrs F. A cup of coffee. Ask away!


Mrs Furious said…
Will you kindly give me your tuna noodle recipe?

Supermom said…
I was afraid you didn't like it.

No recipe really. Throw some onions in olive oil. Cook some. Add tuna. Basil. Garlic. Salt and pepper. Something green.

Add cooked pasta,more olive oil and freshly grated manchego cheese.

My kids clean their plate so I am happy.

I enjoyed your adult company today. TY.
Lori said…
I need some help potty training my 3 1/2 year old son! It's been six weeks and he still CHOOSES to pee in his pants (he wears underwear). The Ped told me to let him go on his own, no reminders, and the discomfort and interuption of having to stop what he is doing to go and change will inspire him to go to the potty. So far it's not working...any advice?
Supermom said…
Ohhh goodie!! Potty training! How fun!!!! My son was the hardest to train I am afraid to admit.

I disagree with your doc. IMPO a child needs to me reminded. EVEN BRIBED!!!! Keep a potty where he plays the most. After he drinks remind him to potty. If he uses the big potty, throw some cheerios in it. Give him a stool and let him aim for them. Sounds silly but at this point you want to get him interested even if he thinks it's a game.

I bought a bag of M & M's and kept them in sight where the potty was. If you pee pee in the potty you get 3 M & M's and for a poop you get 6! Does he want a new toy? Buy it. Put it in the bathroom. If he uses the potty every day for such and such time he can get the toy. I am all for bribing!!!!!

I know it's frustrating. I am sorry. I promise you that he won't be doing this by the time he starts school. :)
Mrs Furious said…
Oh no... it was delish.
Basil! I couldn't place all the flavors.

It was good and it was a good change up from our typical version.