Ask and you shall recieve.

Yes, I am still working on growing my hair out! I haven't had it cut since November. It was cut SUPER SHORT back then. Here are some pictures I took a few minutes ago.

Picnik collage 3

Look at all this hair.


Ann said…
I think you look great with short hair!
I'll stay tuned :->
Tami said…
I love your short hair. I used to have hair just like yours Now it is halfway down my back. Hang in there. It is a long process. But you can do it.
Supermom said…
Thank you!!! I miss my short hair but I cannot turn back now. LOL

I am stubborn like that.

Michelle :)
Renee said…
I love your short hair husband keeps hinting that he'd like to see me with long hair again but it will never hair takes forever to grow and is fine and stringy which equals no long hair again for me!

So are you going for the look you had in the 80s (the pic you posted a while back?) :)
Supermom said…
HA HA Renee.

By the time my hair got that long I am sure that look would be back IN but NOOOOO I am not going that long.
Michele said…
Your hair color and texture looks fabulous. Mine used to be long and straight but after kids and after age 42 it got wavy. Now it's to collar bone. You have nice features for short hair. Did it used to be long?
I love your hair ! I think it is soo cute!