TwitterMoms and Super Moms

This is what I came up for the Super Mom group. You should check us out.

Who needs Ann Landers or Dear Abby when you have a Super Mom to ask?? That's what I say anyway.

Hi other Super Moms! My name is Michelle and I am the Supermom over at The Adventures of Supermom. When I saw that TwitterMoms had a brand new Super Mom group I HAD to join! DUH!! I'd like to thank Lana for starting this wonderfully named group. It's a great idea to join other moms in a great networking forum.

Starting on Monday I will have an "Ask Super Mom" discussion! I will do this 2 times a month. EXCITING!!!!!!!

What makes me qualified for this part you ask? Well, where do I begin. I was married at the young age of 19. Became a mother for the first time at the age of 20. Welcomed another child at 23. Became a divorced mother of 2 at the age of 26. Joined the work field at 26 to manage a drug store. Met and fell in love with my soul mate and married him the DAY after I turned 30! Nice huh?

Welcomed my third child at the age of 30. Yes, she was our honeymoon baby! How cool is that? Then I welcomed my fourth child at the age of 33. (A month shy of turning 34.)

I have been faced with my doctors telling me there was a chance my child would be born with DS. I thank God everyday that all four of my children are healthy and so called "normal". Whatever that means. I was diagnosed with depression after having my son almost 11 years ago. I managed to pull myself together and be medication free about 6 years ago. Sadly I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression after having my last baby and put on medication again. I have been since weaned off of that and pretty much lead a life free of depression. However, I still take a very low dose for anxiety everyday.

I stay at home giving up my glamorous job managing the drug store. I started The Adventures of Supermom. I blog there everyday. Sometimes I blog there several times a day. I founded Kid Friendly Asheville and write there everyday. Not to mention the other groups I am in and try to take part of everyday. That becomes difficult when you are taking care of a home, raising four children and try to stay sane.

Here I am about to turn 35. I have a teenage hormonal daughter who started high school. I have a 10 year old son who is a Boy Scout Chess Whiz. I have a temperamental 3 year old who is giving me all my gray hair. Then I have Baby M who is 9 months old. I call her the Boobie Snacker because that's all she does. Currently I am trying to talk my husband into baby #5. Wish me luck!

We are a 90%-95% all organic family. I have begun to "compact" our daily life and feel great about that. I believe in sleeping with your baby, wearing your baby and breastfeeding you baby. I am a DONA Doula and working on my DONA certification. I love everything about birth.

I am here for you to ask me anything. From staying organized, birthday gift ideas, cooking tips, parenting advice, marital advice, etc.... You name it, you can Ask Super Mom!

Please check back on Monday for all the excitement! Be thinking of what you'd like to Ask Super Mom!!!!


You are so cute. I can't wait to get this rolling!!!
Debbie said…
Looks great!
Supermom said…
Thanks :)