Tonight is LOST night. Are you still LOST about it?

Last week I discovered something about Lost in Season 2. Just in case you missed it I wanted to mention it again.

My husband is a HUGE Lost fan!

Today he put in the first show of the second season. Where the two people are brought in the hospital where Jack works because of the car crash.

The woman ends up marrying Jack.

The man was pronounced dead. I noticed that he looked like Ben. Upon further review the name of the actor that plays Ben was in the opening credits.

They were saying that the man was Shannon's step dad and Boone's dad.

You can also see him in the coffin at his funeral.

So does that mean Ben was their father? Does this mean Ben is dead??

My husband googled what we found and NO ONE had caught onto this!!!

Sooooooooo, now if you are a fan go get your season 2 DVD set and put the first show on. Look at the dead man and see for yourself that it is Ben.
So there's you something to think about!

How do you like that piece of information?!?!?!?!!?

Okay, I am off to take Baby M for her check-up. Then I want to tell you a SURPRISE!!! I am going to be on the news to talk about THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMOM BLOG!!!!


Karen said…
I like that piece of information! I don't have Lost on DVD though, but probably could find the scene online somewhere.