Three words that will change your life forever.

Okay, I am being dramatic. But these three little words will change your DAY forever!

Chuck E Cheese. Is that even considered 3 little words? Two words and one letter then.

Today we had plans to meet friends at CEC and Lil O knew about it. They weren't able to make it because mommy was sick. You know how that goes. Sooooo, Lil O was persistent about going anyway.

It's like when something happens in slow motion in a movie. Chuck E Cheese all in a distorted voice with your life flashing before your eyes.

Once they have been spoken there is NO going back!

Can you guess what we did today???

No, we didn't stay at home in our pajamas all day like I had originally thought I would. We went to CEC!

~smile here~

I came home and actually took a nap. It was heavenly!!!!


A little while ago I called Lil O by her big sisters name.

She said, "You got the wrong child." From now I will just call her Three.


CK said…
Three. haha. Oh how I loathe CEC. It used to be called Showbizz Pizza...that thing was scary. That big ol' ape that plays the keyboard scares me still just thinking about it. I've taken my daughter only twice - and once was for someone's birthday party. sorry. hehe.
Helene said…
I despise CEC!! Everytime we have gone there, my kids end up sick. I'm convinced they never sanitize anything there! So gross!
Supermom said…
LOL, well it will be our last visit there for awhile.
Renee said…
Would you believe I have yet to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese....Fun Depot is bad enough so I've steered clear of Chuck for now but doubt I'll be able to hold out much longer!