This is what my answering machine would say for today.

(If I actually had an answering machine.)

HI! You've reached Supermom. Sorry I am unable to blog today. I am taking hormonal teen to the mall today to spend that Hollister gift card that Santa left.

Then I am off to JCPenney to spend that $100.00 gift card that I won from BlogHer. I entered a Linden Street contest that JCP had running. I WON! The gift card came in the mail last week.

THANK YOU BlogHer and JCPenney!!!!

I am going to buy myself something today! A new nursing bra, long sleeve tee's and pants. :)

The highlight of our trip will be to Barnes & Noble. Who doesn't love coffee, books and coffee?

No telling when us girls will make it back! Depends on how many times Lil O runs off and Baby B wants the boob.

Thankfully my headache is gone and day 2 of Lexapro.

See ya when I get back!


Debbie said…
Hormonal teen shopping sounds just terrible, my dear. I hope it goes better than I am imagining.
CK said…
Oh with a teenager? See? Supermom to the extreme! haha. I love the new look on your page!
Mrs Furious said…
Love the new blog look.

Have fun today!
Supermom said…
Thank You! I love the new look as well! I think it suits the June Cleaver in leopard heels image I have going! Ha ha!!

The shopping trip was good. I spent time with all my daughters!
Hormonal teen enjoyed herself!! I did too!!
I bought myself 2 bras and a shirt!! :)

Got to love shopping when you aren't spending your money!!