Supermom is one smart cookie.

I was sitting down for my 5 minutes 4 mom taking some me time. I was approached to host a discussion in a group that I am a member of earlier today. I was thinking things like, "Do people really care what I have to say?", "What sort of knowledge can I share that I learned the hard way?", "Can I make others moms life less hectic by giving tips and advice?" and "Wonder what I can get Superdad to pick up for dinner?'. You know simple things like that.

I thought I would tell you a few things that I firmly believe in. My opinion on things. Life in general.

  • I believe that I had to go through life exactly the way I did to be brought to Superdad. We met at the exact time we were supposed to meet and that has brought us where we are today. It's funny how we knew some of the same people before we even knew each other. I knew pretty quick that I'd be with him for the rest of my life. I am so happy to be with him.
  • I will always love my first husband. Without him I wouldn't have H & B2. I know I hurt him in the divorce but "What blesses one, blesses all". I hope that he forgives me one day. We both have moved on with our lives and I only wish him happiness.
  • No matter how frustrated the kids make me. Mainly H since she in in high school I really believe and KNOW she will turn out just fine. She will go to college. Get a great job and enjoy the life ahead of her. I also know she will NOT make me a grandmother ANYTIME soon!!!!!!!! I love you H. I love you B2. I love you Lil O. I love you Baby M. I love you un-named baby #5.
  • I believe in co-sleeping with your baby. Who would want to sleep in a cold bed alone anyway? My kids have always been in the bed. Except B2, he had to be in his room. It's so wonderful waking up next to a baby who is looking at you, smiling. Ahhhh, now that's true love.
  • I also believe in breastfeeding you baby. I breastfed H for almost 3 years, B2 for a year, Lil O for over 2 years and Baby M is still loving her boobies. I mean my boobies. Hence her new name, Boobie Snacker.
  • Wear your baby. Take them everywhere. All 4 of my kids have been worn. Baby M just loves the wrap and carrier. I wish I could fit in that wrap myself!!
  • I don't go to church. That doesn't mean I am not a religious person because I am. I have faith and I pray. Would be getting all dressed up going to church change how I am? Make me more religious? I don't think so. It would however get me into a social circle. When I did go to church it was to Unity.
  • I teach by the example I set. I am honest. I never lie to my kids. I am a good mother. I am loving. I am a leader and I am a teacher. I don't really cuss in front of my kids and in turn they don't cuss at me. I nurture them. I encourage them. Most of all I love them unconditionally and they know it. What you see is what you get.
  • I was glad to see President Obama today. To hear his speech gave me hope. I hope it gave you hope as well. I look forward to the change to come.
  • I owe my BIL to my blogging. When I was pregnant with Lil O he said I should start blogging. So, I did. At first it was boring crap that no one read. Like breath, eat, breath, sit down, etc..... Now, I do whatever whenever I want to. How do you like that?
  • I believe girls/women shouldn't even be looking/hunting for a mate until they are 24-26 because you change. You really do change. I can guarantee you aren't the same woman at 19 as you will be at 26. Promise you that.
  • I think that shit happens. It happens everyday. Just keep your head held high and smile like you could care less. Then the next day, you can start you day all over again and make it the way you want it to be.
  • I know that without you, I'd be talking to myself.


Debbie said…
Great list. I agree with most of them as well.
Monkey's Momma said…
And I quote, "And I love you, un-named Baby #5". Is there something you aren't telling us?
Supermom said…
Nahhhh. That would require sex. Right??
I want another baby though.

I love your monkey header!!