Some days OCD can get the best of you.

Here lately I feel myself in a weird crazy place. I can tell because I have the urge to clean the whole house with a baby toothbrush. Cleaning is therapeutic for me. It always has been. Sadly, when I get in a weird place it is also my hell.

Maybe it's the state of the world.
~ Knowing my husband is in the "building" industry and works on straight commission. He tells me everyday how bad things are and that things will only get worse. Probably something someone with depression issues shouldn't be hearing every day. I understand he has to talk to someone but please honey pick someone else. :)

I am compacting. It's going great.

I know that things will be okay in time. I just worry that people will start to get desperate and then get stupid. Stupid as in breaking into places and stealing. You know if I have extra something or other, you can have it, it doesn't have to be stolen.

I hope that more people will be like that. I know that when things get hard we need to be there for our neighbors.

Maybe it's that H is growing up a bit faster than I care to know.
~I know it's perfectly normal for her to be "peck" kissing a boy. Perhaps holding his hand between classes. We've all been there. I just don't want my baby to grow up so fast. Just think it's flashing before my eyes and she will be in college before I know it. Then married. Then maybe a mom. Like 20 years from now that is.

I have to know when to pick my battles and when to let her enjoy being a teenage give. Give her the growing room she needs to flourish.

Superdad said the other day, "You just have to plant the seeds and then see if it grows".

I'm just going to get up every day and do the best I can. I hope that you do to.


Mrs Furious said…
If it would help you can come clean my house... hey it's free therapy!

Hang in there. Really come on over later. I'm (apparently) not going anywhere.
Supermom said…
Yes, it would be free thereapy!

Sounds just like what I need. LOL

It was totally awful. The only thing rewarding was the nap I was able to take when we got home. I was smashed between two kids but still heavenly.

I wonder if that's why I kept dreaming of Oreo cookies though....
Supermom said…