She's such a Boob Snacker!

I have given Baby M a nickname.

Boob Snacker or Boobie Snacker.

It seems that is all she likes to do. Breastfeed! I absolutely LOVE breastfeeding!!!!!

Even though she is almost 9 months she loves to breastfeed A LOT!!!!!!

The other day while I was taking a bath. She stood up by the tub looking in. Once she tried to bend over and get her boob for a snack. Hence, Boob Snacker!


CK said…
hahaha....I can just hear the ridicule in middle school now on that nickname. Let it be your little secret and hope that there's no way to trace your online journal in about 12 years. hehe.
Helene said…
Boob Snacker!!!! That's classic!!!
Supermom said…
HA HA!! I love it too!