The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Sooo, here goes. Yesterday I was sucked into watching
The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

H was watching the marathon on TV because tonight season 2 starts! I was being totally lazy. Drooling on the pillow while Baby M slept on me lazy!

I watched like 6 hours of STRAIGHT TV!!! OMG, how awful! How can people do that every single day?? I cannot!!! Such a total waste of time. I couldn't help it though. I had to know what happened so I could watch season 2 tonight. ~cough cough~ Well, I might want to watch it. I have watched season 1 so why not just see how season 2 opens. Right?

Superdad called it ONE LONG AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL. HA HA! Very true but I was still sucked in.

Have you watched this show? If not let me fill you in.

Amy is 15 and goes to band camp. Sleeps with Ricky who is also in band. She gets pregnant. She was a virgin and only slept with Ricky that one time. SEEEE IT ONLY TAKES ONE TIME!

Ricky is basically a man whore. Said in a very nice way. He is someone that will do whatever it takes to sleep with a woman. He has foster parents and issues. He is the sperm donor to the baby. He's who we warn our daughters about.

Ben is the sweetest boy who is madly in love with Amy. He wants to make her an honest woman even though the baby isn't his. I hope Ben doesn't get his heart broken because I am rather fond of him. He reminds me of "Eric" on the 70's show.

Adrian is the BAD GIRL of the show. She sleeps with Ricky all the time. She also messes with other boys. She is always talking about SEX. She gets this from her mother. Her mother has many BF's and never around because of her job. Adrian substitutes sex for loneliness. That's just my opinion though. She just found out her who father is and he basically wants nothing to do with her.

Grace is the sweet christian girl on the show. Her dad is played by Bo Duke himself! HA HA! She has an adopted brother who has DS. He's a cutie! She is falling for Ricky secretly. Ricky is playing on her christian side. Claiming that he wants to change his dirty ways with her help!

You'll have to tell me if you are fans of the show or if you watch it with your children!!!!

I have Supermom things to do today! Clean, dust, vacuum and laundry! Have a great day!


Katie Mae said…
LMAO!!! Abs got me hooked on this show last season! We have been anxiously awaiting season 2!!!

The acting is horrible and the characters don't really "mesh" well, but the situations are so real. It's like a big car wreck and the chance to see a decapitated person!

I can't wait to watch it tonight LOL! It has me more excited than Degrassi!
Supermom said…
ROFL!!! SO, did you watch it last night?? I think I may be getting a weird younger guy crush on Ben! He reminds me of Topher Grace from the 70's Show.