More Best of 2008

My 80's hair didn't win.

I entered a contest that involved big 80's hair. I hate to admit it BUT I have this picture with me and all my hair!!!!! I rather like the picture and get a good giggle when I happen to come across it in the picture box.

Want to see the picture? Now you see why BIG hair belongs back in the 80's!!! It is out of style for a very good reason.

We call this "Mall Hair". The awful spiral perm and look at the height on those bangs!!! So this was me in the 80's. Now I know why I cannot stand hair anymore. I wonder if I could add up all the HOURS I spent on that hair? I think it would be depressing.

Me now:

I am such a hot mommy now!

Okay, I am off to make an appointment to get my hair cut! :)


CK said…
So you aren't growing it back out again to do the "poof bang?" Aww...dude. haha. Love how you did the cascading bang. How the heck did you get it to do that? I just did the three curlings and then feathered them out on the bangs. My mother put me in a perm from 6th grade until the beginning of the 12th grade. I hated it.
Renee said…
That is a classic 80's pic....I bet you were hot for the 80's too....I look back at pics of myself from the 80's and just have to shake my head and say 'what the hell was I thinking'...the two-toned jeans, way too big clothes, zippered ankle jeans, etc....and to think that now that stuff is back in style...that is scary and something I will never repeat-trendy or not-no way, no how!!!!!
Oh Boy! Boys! said…
Renee -

What is scary is all these styles coming back, we do not want our kids to wear.