More Best of 2008

There is no "written" rule that your socks have to match.

~Insert quick back story here~
Hi, I am Supermom. I have been a blogging mom for over 3 years now, at various sites online. I am married to HB and we have 3 (almost 4~she will be here in 13 days) children. H, B2 and Lil O. The new one will be known as Baby M, I think.
I purchased my own (dot).com name awhile back and I am FINALLY putting it to use. I have been COPYING & PASTING for DAYS from my WordPress Blog to my own (dot).com name.
Here is a picture of me, I just took it for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it is just my belly. Trust me, that is all you would look at anyway, well my belly or my boobs. So, I am showing you what I'd rather you look at. You are probably thinking, like everyone else, OMG, that poor woman looks like she is going to BUST open at any moment. Well, I am not. My EDD is April 21. Soooooo........

04 April 02, 2008 Belly

Well, that is a quick Bio for now. Please come back and see what crazy things are going on in our house and feel free to comment. I could be your next BFF!!!!! :)

Okay, let's start my very first OFFICIAL BLOG ON The Adventures Of Supermom!!!!!

Right now I taking off my Supermom Cape and throwing it onto the ground. Jumping up and down on it while saying a few foul words. Okay, maybe more than a few foul words. I am not WORTHY of such a title. A title I gave myself but none the less. I AM SUPERMOM. Cape and all. I am still working on the invisible jet though. I don't think minivans come in that color.

I have been neglecting my Lil O, ME and the unborn child I am carrying. I have been a focused crazy man woman trying to change all my archives over to this name. I WILL NOT MENTION I STILL HAVE 3 MONTHS TO GO!!!!!!! Be patient with me please. It's rather annoying having to go to every blog I have written for over a year and COPY & PASTE into my new blog. Without forgetting to change the date as well. I have been living off coffee, banana moon pies and Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes. Ummm, dammit, now my husband HB will know the whole REAL truth of the junk food in the house. Oh well.... He can start organic boot camp after the baby gets here. ha ha It's all in good fun!

My two oldest kids just had Spring Break and glad to be in school. You have to have that social life yanno?

As for Lil O I have been discussing fashion sense with her. She has a SOCK FETISH for sure. She changes socks several times during the day. SEVERAL TIMES! She doesn't even care if the socks match. I guess at 3 years old it wouldn't be a focal point for me as well. When I have better things to do. Like: color, dress like a princess, play with the toy kitchen, watch certain shows, sleep and eat. So socks matching isn't her thing. At least she has dressing like a princess down pat.

I had better go and do a 10 minute tidy so it looks like I have been doing other things BUT C & P old blog entries. ~and enjoy a banana moon pie of course~

Picking up my Supermom Cape. Dusting it off knowing I can throw it in the wash to use later on in the day when it is needed the most.