More Best of 2008

Supermom Convention

This picture was taken at the last Superhero Convention.


NOOO, that is not a fanny pack I am wearing in the above picture. It is my UTILITY BELT!!! Which includes band aids, extra pacifier, braces wax, gum, mints, photo ID's of my children just in case they get lost, cell phone, debit card and chap stick. Oh and my favorite color of Clinique lipstick and powder. I must look good while taking care of a boo boo.

I bet you didn't know I was close friends with Batman and Wonder Woman. They are swell to hang out with. Except when Batman drinks too much then he wants every woman to go to his bat cave with him. I think that is how he met Robin in fact. ~eyeroll~ He is such a show off.

Wonder Woman has even let me drive the invisible jet. Talk about a cool ride! I am envious of her. I have been trying to get the minivan to be invisible. It's not really fair that Batman has a cool fast car and Wonder Woman has the invisible jet. While Supermom gets a minivan. Hmmm, I think I need to bring that up at the next meeting. Don't you think so?



CK said…
hilarious! My daughter got to meet Spiderman at the zoo here. He even taught her how to "throw the web!" :D