Maxalt & Lexapro.

I went to the doc today for my headache. He has me taking Maxalt 10mg for these babies.
I took one at 4pm and my headache is GONE!!!

We talked about my PPD and my horrible anxiety!!!! He was going to put me BACK on Zoloft but I protested!! Awful sweats and I am not DEPRESSED!!

So he gave me some samples of Lexapro to try for a couple weeks.

I hope that it will take the edge off before I snap like a postal worker.

He also asked me about my hormones and sex drive. Ha ha! I found that humorous!

I mentioned that I haven't had a period since Baby M and I thought that was odd since I have always had a VERY regular period after my other kids.
He mentioned that maybe I am pre menopausal? Is that right? He mentioned that my body was in its 30's and maybe tired of babies.

Does it work that way?? Holy hell!! It better not because I want another freaking baby dammit!!! So now I guess I'll call my OB and get an appointment!

These hot flashes better be because the heat was turned up by accident!!


Katie Mae said…
I take Lexapro and Zoloft together and SERIOUSLY... the anxiety, and the overwhelming and frustrated feelings are SO much better! I feel more like ME and the kids are forever grateful for it LOL!

After Sawyer and the stupid Mirena, I bled for a solid 6 months and then it is just spur of the moment bleeding once or twice a week now. BLAHHH! Hopefully I'm pre-menopausal! I don't want ANY more babies LOL!
CK said…
I've just started hearing about perimenopausal. I just turned 30 and have recognized some of the symptoms but then they go away. I'm too cold most of the time to get scared that it's a'comin' my way.

I'm still trying to figure out if I want another kiddo or not. That's a whole other blog...
Debbie said…
Don't get too worried until they test the whole hormone levels. And good luck with the baby making!
Helene said…
That's awesome that the Maxalt is taking care of the headaches!! And hopefully the Lexapro will help take the edge off the anxiety. I tried to lower my dosage of Wellbutrin last week and I thought I was gonna lose my mind so I'm back up to my normal dosage. I feel so much better! And hopefully you will too!

I just got the peri-menopausal speech from my ob/gyn. Don't worry too much about it until you get your FSH/estrogen levels checked. It could just be that your body is still adjusting.
Anonymous said…
I am on Zoloft after my third baby and it is a godsend. I am supposed to wean off it in March, but not sure if I can do that or not. I think I am pre-menopausal (age 36) as I was not able to conceive my third child on my own after conceiving first two very easily. We finally conceived with help of fertility treatments when I was almost 35. I did notice a change in my cycles and mid-cycle bleeding-- so maybe that was a factor in not being able to conceive. Good luck-- I wish you the best in having another baby. I have been a faithful reader of your blog since I developed PPD and Anxiety after my baby was born in April 2008.
Anonymous said…
I thought of something else... I was on Lexapro at first and it did not help with my anxiety. I find Zoloft is really good for taking that edge off. I am on 50 mg daily and it does the trick. I wish you the best; the anxiety is the absolute worst.
Supermom said…
Awww, thank you for all the kind words!! I really needed it.

Yesterday after I took the two meds I was so tired. I had to focus to move my arms. I am wondering which med did that!

I am going to call my OB next week and go in for an appointment. It's always nice to talk to someone that actually deals with WOMEN parts. I love my family doctor but I don't go to him for womanly things. :)

I think anxiety is the worst! I hope the Lexapro makes a difference. I know my husband and kids do too!

Okay, I am off to be mommy! Hero to all! Have a lovely weekend.
Supermom said…
PS. I have a fan!!!!!! Thank you Anonymous!!! It's nice to know I am not talking to myself all the time!

Michelle :)