Kool-Aid and Purity Rings

I remember it well. Carefully selecting those little packets by the handful at the grocery store.

Coming home and tearing one open. Adding about one whole cup of sugar to the pale colored powder. Then carefully adding the water to watch it change into a bright green color.

Green Kool-Aid was my favorite drink when I was a child. Sadly, I grew up and preferred Coke to green Kool-Aid. I had completely forgot my love of green Kool-Aid until I opened my Earth Fare Vitamin Water, Lemon Lime flavor.

I had these awesome memories flood over me when I took my first sip. It even smells like green Kool-Aid. I could have cried tears of happiness.

I just wanted to share that special moment with you.

From Kool-Aid to purity rings.

What's your opinion of these? Does anyone have a child that wears one? Fill me in. I will talk more on this when I get home to the computer.

-typed up on the Blackberry while sitting at the high school to collect hormonal teen.-


Glass Dragonfly said…
Purity Rings. I think that it is less about the ring itself, but the imagined protection that comes with it. Some parents don't feel that quality sexual education is necessary, because...my kid promised and wears the ring...she/he won't need to know those things. I think this is a problem.

I have read that teens who pledge virginity do usually wait longer than their peers to have sex, but because they are unprepared, are more likely to have unprotected sex.

My motto is educate and talk, often and openly with your teen. Making sure that they understand that you are there for them anytime they have a question.

Education plus a pledge/ring might be a great combo.

Kelly--Mom of a nineteen year old daughter.