I've got connections. Want me to hook you up?

Said the 34 year old woman to the boy in the McDonald's play area. Well, not exactly like that but close. Well, not even close. This little boy was talking about that new dog movie that is out and he wanted to collect the dogs. No, I don't know this boy. He just happened to turn up at our table while we were eating. I happened to mention to him that my sister works there and I could get him a couple extra dogs. HIS EYES LIT UP AND HE WAS SOO HAPPY. So I went to my sister and got him two more dogs. He was all excited! Hey, it's the little things! What can I say? I have connections. Do you want me to hook you up?

I have been super busy and haven't even checked my mail or comments. That is next on my list if the kids let me. Today was a teacher work day so I had to entertain them all day. First, we took H to the doctor because of this sore on her foot. Turns out it's not a sore but a wart. We were told how to treat it and if it's still there in 6 weeks she will have to see a foot doctor and have it removed. Which would be very very painful so we are going to try everything else first and let that be our last resort.

Then we met a friend at McDonald's for the kids to play in the play area. The store was totally re-done and they have this awesome new play area for kids. It was a big hit for the smaller kids. Well, even B2 had fun and he's 10. H just sat with us adults and talked to us! We had a nice time. I am glad that I have made a new friend. She actually knew my husband many years ago. They even dated. It was like over 20 years ago. She was a teenager and he is 20 something. No biggie. Some how we connected and I enjoy her company. An added bonus: her daughter is four and Lil O loves playing with her.

After playing in the play area we hit one of my favorite stores. Nope, not Target. The 1.00 Store. I LOVE 1.00 STORES!! Where else can you spend 26.00 for 26 things???? LOL I picked up some cute Valentines for the kids. I also picked up 9 search a word puzzle books for my mamaw and 2 great aunts. They enjoy doing those at night. It gives them something to do. When I find a bunch I buy them each a couple or three. I am nice like that.

Wow, I am nice and have connections! Who knew?

We are home now and I am beat. I put chicken in the crock pot this morning to make chicken stroganoff. If the recipe tastes yummy I will share it with you. So far I have tried 2 new recipes already this week and they were a hit. More on those later. :)

Okay, I am off to answer comments and check my mail. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Furious said…
Alright which McD's?! I might start leaving the house soon and need to know!!
Supermom said…
The one at Biltmore Square Mall. We'll so soon!