I'm looking for a Boarding Preschool!

Lil O is going through the TERRIBLE 3'S!!!!! OMG, it's awful! I think we all are afraid of her! She is even worse than hormonal teen!!! Now, that's pretty bad!!!!!

Everything brings on an emotional STOP, DROP AND CRY! I kid not.

So after ONE of the many outbursts yesterday this came out of my mouth,

"I wonder if we could find a boarding preschool?"

Superdad liked that! So, who's with me????? We can start one. I bet we'd make a killing!


Debbie said…
Some days are very much like that, aren't they? But take heart, from my end of the field looking back, it is hard to remember the bad. Kinda like childbirth.
Supermom said…
Yes, I totally agree. It's nice to be reassured though! Thank you!!!
Brenda Jean said…
Yes, I so remember those days! But then they smile and hug you and the guilt creeps in. BAHAHAHAHAHA