I was tag teamed!!!!

Two lovely ladies, Stacy and Helene, thought they would play tag with me. Since I am home with all four kids today because of this wacky weather, I am game to play now. The answers might be more interesting since I feel like I am being pecked to death!

You are supposed to tell 10 random things about your self. Then of course tag someone else. If you are reading this and want to play then consider yourself IT!

1- I have had 2 "regular" births and 2 cesareans. I recovered from the cesareans much better. I found this to be odd.

2- I stutter when I get excited!

3- I never really liked having freckles.

4- I have a history of kidney stones for the last 14 years.

5- I cannot whistle.

6- British accents make me weak in the knees.

7- I love to eat fried green tomatoes.

8- I was a twin.

9- I hope to have one more child.

10- I think I may be going crazy. Don't you love those snow days? Plus, no school Friday or Monday. TWITCH!


CK said…
Yes, we have the British accent thing in common! haha. I think you are nuts - another kid? I don't know how you do it. I'm too busy with one. How sad. haha.
Supermom said…
I could be nuts! LOL
Renee said…
I definitely need pointers from you as well and you really are a supermom....how do you get it all done? When do you find time to clean? (since you say you are a cleaning freak) shower? I feel like I'm running around and never get anything accomplished and I only have two-you have four! Please share your words of wisdom...I need help from Supermom!!!!
Debbie said…
Love the list. I definitely am not with you on the section births being easier though.
Pam said…
I have a pointer for the kidney stones. Drink the juice of one lemon in a glass of water every day as a preventive. Knowing the pain of stones, what have you got to loose. (And you won't get rickets!)