I really did marry my prince! Something I already knew but wanted to share with you!

Superdad sent me this email this morning!

Subject line: I love you dearly

...with all my heart.
I feel truly blessed that you came into my life.
I hope you and the girls have a great day.

~sniffle~ Isn't he the greatest!!!! I love my husband! The greatest thing is that he adores me!


Debbie said…
Now that man wants something. Wonder what....
CK said…

....haha. only said out of jealousy!
Supermom said…
HA HA!!!

Nahh Debbie, he didn't want anything. Well, yes he did. He probably didn't want me to watch 3 hours of The Secret Life on the American Teenager last night!!!!! ;)

CK- HA HA!!! Now now, don't be jealous! I bet your husband does nice things for you as well. :)