I heart Big Love.

I have been a huge fan of Big Love since the beginning! I love all of the actors and the storyline. I could go on and on about my love for Big Love.

Last night after I finished watching it I went to bed with polygamy on the brain. I told Superdad that if you had the money, everyone had their own space then I wouldn't mind a few extra wives! I feel secure in my relationship with my Superdad and we are able to communicate with each other soooooooooo. It would be nice to have extra women to cook and clean. Not only that but to have all these people in your family to love. Just think of all the children you could snuggle with!!! I told Superdad to think about all the sex he could be having!!!

Needless to say he didn't jump on board. First, he said it was illegal! He is such a party pooper! Second, he said he wouldn't share me with anyone. Isn't he the greatest!?!!

The last thing I said before bed, "Be looking for your second wife. Make her younger than me so we can have lots of babies.".

I know it is just a TV show. That it's not all big houses and everyone getting along. Polygamy is not joking matter. When I think of the right way to do it, if there is a right way, it would be the Big Love way.

Big Love


Monkey's Momma said…
I love Big Love too!
CK said…
lol...I'm on board with ya. I'm too busy to do all that cooking and housecleaning anyway! hehe