Hair Support Person Part 2

Okay, I am reaching that point where I want to call and schedule a hair appointment! I am used to being able to get up and go with my hair or even jump out of the shower and GO with my hair. Now, I am actually having to fix it. If I don't it just hangs there like a limp noodle! UGH!!!!!!!!

These pictures were taken yesterday before I headed out the door. Since my hair was fixed I snapped a few pictures to show you the progress. I know you have been losing sleeping wondering about my hair! :)

Growing Hair Out

Growing Hair Out

Growing Hair Out

Can you see the difference since this picture was taken? I blogged about this picture here. There may not look like a big difference BUT I can tell there is one. I am having to use a clip in the front for my bangs! I cannot stand hair on my forehead!!!! LOL



Debbie said…
I have had bangs forever. But I can't stand it when they get long. I could never do that sweep of bangs over the eye thing. Just thinking about that makes me nervous. And I wouldn't want to clip mine back either. I really want to be a low-maintenance kind of gal. I feel for you.
Helene said…
Actually I like the clip in your hair! It's the very "in" thing to do with your hair these days, I've been told by my 17-yr old niece!

I've always had bangs but I recently started letting them grow out so I can pull it back into a ponytail (with a clip on top of course..LOL) or sidesweep them. I actually kinda like it. For now, anyway?

BTW, you have a really nice profile!!!
Katie Mae said…
I like the longer hair on you! It's different than what I'm used to seeing, but both looks work well on you!

I'm letting my hair grow out too... so it's a good thing I'm home all the time LOL!

A lifesaver for me and the "bangs" are the headbands. I just throw one on and everything is out of the way for the day. It'll have to work until my bangs are long enough to pull back into a ponytail with the rest of my hair.
Mrs Furious said…
I think it still looks good.

I'm growing mine out now too... I just can't justify the expense of maintaining it at this length right now.

We can be awkward together ;)
Supermom said…
Mrs F GOOD! It's nice having someone else to look awkward with!!!!