Everyone is doing it! So, I must be HIP!

Let me say that when you google "making time for sex" and "setting a day for sex" can bring lots of information. Some I needed to know and some I didn't need to know. LOL

I did find just what I was looking for in this article.

Make regularly scheduled appointments to have sex. Time management means setting aside blocks of time for specific purposes, and sex is a very worthwhile purpose.

This is just what I did! I made a date for sex. I will not tell you what night because I don't want to psyche myself out! Or freak Superdad out.

Since everyone is doing it! I want to toooo! Literally speaking.


Mrs Furious said…
"Or freak Superdad out"
Debbie said…
I am impressed that you are brave enough to post this. Wonder what google hits you will get now!
Supermom said…
Should I not have said that?? TMI??
amelia bedelia said…
this really made me laugh. so glad I'm not the only one!
Renee said…
So if nothing else my 'ask Supermom' questions were inspirational right? Either that or your now tagged as 'one to be watched' at Google like Mrs. F :)

Who knew I was hip a year or so ago when I came up w/ the Friday night date night...er sex night??? Of course, that plan didn't go so well...perhaps I need to switch to a different night?!?! LOL