Doesn't everyone hit their bra with a sledge hammer??

A week or so ago I bought TWO nursing bras from JCPenney with a giftcard I won through BlogHer and JCPenney. You can read about that here.

I grabbed one of the new bras to wear today and guess what??? The damn security device was still on it! I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!! I am too busy to drive over to the evil place, drag out 4 kids and go have them take it off. I used to work in retail long ago so I know how to handle those pesky lil devices!!!! First, you have to make sure it's not an ink one. Because that ink will not COME OUT if it bursts! I do not know that from experience, I have just heard things. IT could even possibly be a rumor that clothing companies tell people to deter theft. Whatever, I don't steal so it doesn't matter to me.

I wrap up my pretty new nursing bra in a towel and head down into the basement. Lay in on the cement floor and grab the sledge hammer. I don't think it's technically a sledge hammer. The head is bigger than a regular hammer but it's on a stick like a regular hammer. Maybe it's a baby sledge hammer. I don't know! Does it really matter? No, it does NOT.

I take a few hits at the bra. Maybe releasing some pent up anger. ~shrug~ I was actually cussing the security device and the thought of having to drive to the mall to have them remove it. The mall is the OPPOSITE direction than the way to school to collect the kids. That would require some mad anger driving and wouldn't be good for my kids to hear or see.

I got that thing off and I am so proud.

I saved myself a trip to the mall and got out some pent up frustration with the baby sledge hammer! We all won in this case! I give the security tag my cardboard cookie award! :)


Stacy said…
Was is a rubber mallet? I didn't know those would work. I always just cussed my way back to the mall.

I tagged you for a meme. I saw Helene had already tagged you, so now you are double-tagged.
Supermom said…
Nope, it was metal! LOL
Oh Boy! Boys! said…
I burst out laughing while reading this, but you took the approach I would have.

BTW - I have started a new group at Twitter Moms called Super Moms. We'd love to have you.
Teapot said…
funny! Thanks for sharing.
Nursing Bras said…
Wow. I am thoroughly impressed at your skills. LOL!
Supermom said…
Thanks :)

Don't mess with a breastfeeding mom and her nursing bra!!!