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Do you like my new header??

As you can tell I have a brand new header. It was finished yesterday!

It's awesome!!! It suits the June Cleaver in leopard prints heels personality that I portray!

If you are looking into a new look I'd check out Aqua Poppy Designs. The header was very reasonably priced and when I want a change I will go to Aqua Poppy again.

Is tomorrow really Monday?


CK said...

Yes! Love it.
I'm not into paying for headers and whatnot...so I just changed mine to a picture collage. Check it out when you get a chance. I made it with a photo program that came on my Toshiba laptop - Picasa.

Katie Mae said...

I love it!!! It really is YOU!

Kid Friendly Asheville said...
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Supermom said...

CK- For some reason I am unable to comment on your blog.

So I will comment here.

I love your new header!!!

I had to get rid of the old header! I was shocked that I paid as well. Must be the kids wearing me down. And the fact I couldn't figure out the photoshop.

Monkey's Momma said...

I do like your new header. It seems very you!