Date night into detail.

Last week I posted about planning one specific day for sex.

I am here to say it didn't exactly work out like I had thought.

First, I told Superdad what day in advance. From now he said to not tell him. Just spring it on him so to speak.

Second, we both were excited about the thoughts of what was to come. I was looking forward to spending time with Superdad. I even shaved my legs, I think.

Third, we saw a movie. The Benjamin Button one. Not exactly the right movie to get you in the mood to have sex I might add.

Our date night didn't happen. After watching that movie "date" night was a distant memory.

What I did learn from this was to not plan a certain day for sex. Just commit to YOURSELF that, "I WILL HAVE SEX ONE DAY THIS WEEK!". Well, you insert whatever you want. I think that way when you can find the time for sex, then just DO IT! You don't have that added pressure to "perform" on any certain day. That way you aren't disappointed when things don't go as planned.

Okay, go have fun with this!


Debbie said…
I think naming a date would put a little too much expectation on it!
CK said… could be a countdown to d-day...ugh. yeah, i'm all for the springing one on him idea. Thanks for the heads up on the Benjamin Button movie.
Supermom said…
Yes, I totally agree. Don't set a certain day!