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It's that time again! Let's have some fun with this!!!


Renee said…
OK-here's my questions and the first is more general and the second may be too personal for you to answer (I'll understand if you skip the 2nd but you did say we could ask anything right?!?!

1-how do you stay organized and clean your house and keep up w/ laundry w/ 4 children?

2-and did I mention this one is quite personal...on average how often do you and your husband have sex? My husband and I just talked about this last night-our sex life is pathetic but I've just lost all desire lately...being home w/ a 5 year old and 2 year old by the end of the day I am just exhausted and the last thing on my mind is sex. Do other stay at home moms deal w/ this or shoud I get checked out by a professional??? :)
Supermom said…
HA HA!!! Those are easy to answer Renee. I can answer any question. :)

1- Well, for me once you get organized the rest is upkeep. I always tell my kids when things are laying around, "Give it a home, make it happy". Everything should have a place and that's where it goes. If you want my advice I would suggest taking the time to organize the house. Give everything a home. Once you have done that, the hard part is over.

Every day I do a 10 minute tidy. Sometimes it is 10 minutes and sometimes it is more. Usually before bed I pick up and put everything where it goes. There is no way I could go to bed with toys all over the place or a messy kitchen.

How was that?

2- Well, since having baby number 4 our sex life isn't like it used to be. Soooo not like it used to be. It's hard to balance life, kids and sex. Then there is the guilt.

Yes, I miss sex. Not as much as Superdad but I still miss our quiet time.

I think for us we have to set a date and stick to it. DAMN THAT WOMAN WHO GAVE HER HUSBAND SEX EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
It isn't as morbid as it sounds but setting a date for sex might be a good start. Even if it's only a quickie. Which would be the case with all the kids in the house.

I know exactly what you mean. Being exhausted. It sucks the life out of you and sex is the last thing on your mind. After being home with the kids. Being sucked on. Crawled all over. The last thing you want is your husband doing the above. It's okay to feel that way BTW. Sex isn't the only way to show your spouse you love them. How about holding each other in bed without strings attached? How about a morning shower before he goes to work? I have thought about doing that with my husband but once I get up the baby wakes up. Your kids are older so you could get away with it better than I could.

I don't think a professional is needed IMPO. I think talking to each other and knowing that it's okay to feel that way is the key.

Just think the kids will be older and you'll be doing it like rabbits before you know it!! That's what I hope for anyway.

Did that help any? Perhaps I should turn this into a blog post question to see how other people feel?????

Michelle :)