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Today is the start of something beautiful!

A new feature on The Adventures of Supermom.

It's a time that you can ask me ANYTHING! I gave examples a couple of days ago. Let me refresh your mind.

What's your favorite peanut butter?
How do you get rid of a pimple?
How do you reward your kids for good behavior?
Who gave you the idea to blog in the first place?
How did you meet that sexy husband of your?

I am game for anything. It's in your hands.

All you have to do is comment with your questions and I will answer every single one of them. Be sure to check the box to have the comments emailed to you because I will answer the questions that way.

(I also respond to comments you leave in the comment section. Soooo, if you thought I never got back to you---did you check back in the comment section???)

Okay, ASK SUPERMOM ANYTHING has started!


Tammy said…
whats the #1 question you hope no one will ask you?
and thats the one I ask
CK said…
haha...I like what Tammy posted.

I'm wondering about sleeping habits. I just have one child, a hub, full-time job out of town (so I drive every day), and am getting my masters degree. I tend to not go to bed until midnight to 1 a.m. because after the kiddo and hub goes to bed - it's ME TIME! haha. It's quiet and lovely. I knit and's fabulous. But I think I'm paying for that in weight gain and extreme tiredness.

So...what time do you head to bed? How do you get your "me" time?
Supermom said…
Well, there is nothing I was afraid that someone would ask. Is that too hard to believe????

WOW, you are a busy mom! Nice to meet another Supermom!

I really have no set bedtime. Or any "me" time in fact. I am always in bed by 11-ish. Baby M sleeps in our bed and an avid every two hour nurser! I really haven't had a good nights rest since before I got pregnant. That's pretty bad!

It sounds like you have it together more than I do. Perhaps you need to give me your advice!

After getting all 4 kids to bed I am tooo tired to do anything that I enjoy. Reading just makes me go to sleep. Cross-stitching and crocheting, I have no motivation to complete a craft.

I hardly am able to read the blogs I enjoy! Much less comment on them.

Thank you two for your questions!

I hope that you had a lovely New Years Day!

Michelle :)
CK said…
Your four kiddos beat my one - hands down! Supermom goes to you! haha.

Had a very low-key NY day. Ate black-eyed peas of course. I worked extremely hard (painting, cleaning, moving books, etc.) at work the last three days - I'm playing lazy today.

Hope yours was devine as well!
Tammy did it said…
ok the question I've been wanting to ask and you gotta tell the whole story and not just a remark of sorts
here goes
I know you've had a child sleeping in your bed for the last almosie 4 years
what I want to know is how and where did you get pregnant with the one you have when your bed has had an extra in it and how now and where do you enjoy your wife time with hubby?
and finally dont you miss the "bedroom" time?
you said you would explain any question asked so get with it lol
Supermom said…
Aww Tammy, that's easy!

Every child has their own bed. When there were only 3 kids in the house we'd just put Lil O in her bed. Giving us our bed. Also, there are other places to have sex. You don't have to have it in your bed every time.

Baby M was either conceived in our bed or the couch I am guessing.

Now with Baby M we really don't have a sex life. I miss it BUT not as much as Superdad. After caring or 4 kids, a house and a husband I am just too damn tired.

Yes I miss "bedroom" time BUT I know having Baby M in our bed only lasts a short time. Not being mean but I'd rather enjoy her as a baby snuggled up to me while I can. When she gets older and moves to her own bed then I "we" can have as much sex as we want. If we want too. :)

How was that?