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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

Whew....True Love Does Wait.

Yesterday I had hoped to sit down and type up a blog after I got back from collecting the kids from school. It didn't happen as you can see. I got busy with them and stuff. I was in bed by 10:00. Ahhhhh, nice indeed.

I blogged about the purity ring idea and wondered if anyone had a child wearing one. I got one response. A very good response. So good that I want to share it with you.

Purity Rings. I think that it is less about the ring itself, but the imagined protection that comes with it. Some parents don't feel that quality sexual education is necessary, kid promised and wears the ring...she/he won't need to know those things. I think this is a problem.

I have read that teens who pledge virginity do usually wait longer than their peers to have sex, but because they are unprepared, are more likely to have unprotected sex.

My motto is educate and talk, often and openly with your teen. Making sure that they understand that you are there for them anytime they…

Kool-Aid and Purity Rings

I remember it well. Carefully selecting those little packets by the handful at the grocery store.

Coming home and tearing one open. Adding about one whole cup of sugar to the pale colored powder. Then carefully adding the water to watch it change into a bright green color.

Green Kool-Aid was my favorite drink when I was a child. Sadly, I grew up and preferred Coke to green Kool-Aid. I had completely forgot my love of green Kool-Aid until I opened my Earth Fare Vitamin Water, Lemon Lime flavor.

I had these awesome memories flood over me when I took my first sip. It even smells like green Kool-Aid. I could have cried tears of happiness.

I just wanted to share that special moment with you.

From Kool-Aid to purity rings.

What's your opinion of these? Does anyone have a child that wears one? Fill me in. I will talk more on this when I get home to the computer.

-typed up on the Blackberry while sitting at the high school to collect hormonal teen.-

Three words that will change your life forever.

Okay, I am being dramatic. But these three little words will change your DAY forever!

Chuck E Cheese. Is that even considered 3 little words? Two words and one letter then.

Today we had plans to meet friends at CEC and Lil O knew about it. They weren't able to make it because mommy was sick. You know how that goes. Sooooo, Lil O was persistent about going anyway.

It's like when something happens in slow motion in a movie. Chuck E Cheese all in a distorted voice with your life flashing before your eyes.

Once they have been spoken there is NO going back!

Can you guess what we did today???

No, we didn't stay at home in our pajamas all day like I had originally thought I would. We went to CEC!

~smile here~

I came home and actually took a nap. It was heavenly!!!!


A little while ago I called Lil O by her big sisters name.

She said, "You got the wrong child." From now I will just call her Three.

Some days OCD can get the best of you.

Here lately I feel myself in a weird crazy place. I can tell because I have the urge to clean the whole house with a baby toothbrush. Cleaning is therapeutic for me. It always has been. Sadly, when I get in a weird place it is also my hell.

Maybe it's the state of the world.
~ Knowing my husband is in the "building" industry and works on straight commission. He tells me everyday how bad things are and that things will only get worse. Probably something someone with depression issues shouldn't be hearing every day. I understand he has to talk to someone but please honey pick someone else. :)

I am compacting. It's going great.

I know that things will be okay in time. I just worry that people will start to get desperate and then get stupid. Stupid as in breaking into places and stealing. You know if I have extra something or other, you can have it, it doesn't have to be stolen.

I hope that more people will be like that. I know that when things get …

I am going to be on TV.

I feel as if I am going on a first date or something. What will I wear? What will I say? Will I embarrass my kids? Who cares about that, will I embarrass myself? What if I stutter?

At least I won't have to worry about a kiss goodnight or someone wanting to hold my hand!!! Or do I?

Last week I was left a comment on my Facebook account. WYFF 4 wanted me to come down to talk about my blog on the air one Sunday morning. I was in shock and in some fashion thought maybe someone was teasing me.

Well, they weren't. They really do want me to come down and talk about my wonderful amazing funny blog. They didn't call my blog all that but I DID! LOL

I wasn't going to blog about it until it was all set.

So, February 8th I will be on TV in the morning. I am super excited!!!! Hopefully I can post the segment on here to show you!

You've got the wrong name again!!

Here lately I have been calling Lil O the wrong name. I will call her H or Baby M. She will laugh and tell me, "You've got the wrong name, I am Lil O."

Then she will laugh and call me silly.

That's what I get for having 4 kids. I knew I should have named them One, Two, Three and Four!!!!!

I do know I will answer to H and Danielle. And H will answer to Michelle. LOL My mamaw calls us all different names. I just answer because I know she is talking to me.

Tonight is LOST night. Are you still LOST about it?

Last week I discovered something about Lost in Season 2. Just in case you missed it I wanted to mention it again.

My husband is a HUGE Lost fan!

Today he put in the first show of the second season. Where the two people are brought in the hospital where Jack works because of the car crash.

The woman ends up marrying Jack.

The man was pronounced dead. I noticed that he looked like Ben. Upon further review the name of the actor that plays Ben was in the opening credits.

They were saying that the man was Shannon's step dad and Boone's dad.

You can also see him in the coffin at his funeral.

So does that mean Ben was their father? Does this mean Ben is dead??

My husband googled what we found and NO ONE had caught onto this!!!

Sooooooooo, now if you are a fan go get your season 2 DVD set and put the first show on. Look at the dead man and see for yourself that it is Ben.
So there's you something to think about!

How do you like that piece of information?!?!?!?!!?

Okay, I am off to take Baby…

Date night into detail.

Last week I posted about planning one specific day for sex.

I am here to say it didn't exactly work out like I had thought.

First, I told Superdad what day in advance. From now he said to not tell him. Just spring it on him so to speak.

Second, we both were excited about the thoughts of what was to come. I was looking forward to spending time with Superdad. I even shaved my legs, I think.

Third, we saw a movie. The Benjamin Button one. Not exactly the right movie to get you in the mood to have sex I might add.

Our date night didn't happen. After watching that movie "date" night was a distant memory.

What I did learn from this was to not plan a certain day for sex. Just commit to YOURSELF that, "I WILL HAVE SEX ONE DAY THIS WEEK!". Well, you insert whatever you want. I think that way when you can find the time for sex, then just DO IT! You don't have that added pressure to "perform" on any certain day. That way you aren't disappointed…

It's the new "black".

When I first met Superdad he had already started his sticker art in the kitchen. Now it's a family tradition. This is what it looks like now.

Sometimes we get questions about the stickers in the kitchen. No biggie. We all enjoy adding to the mix now. I love it. I figure that once we get that cabinet full we can varnish over it and move to another one.

I am telling you about our quirkiness because Superdad sent me this today.

Click here to read all about it.

It's nice to know we aren't the only ones doing it.

I heart Big Love.

I have been a huge fan of Big Love since the beginning! I love all of the actors and the storyline. I could go on and on about my love for Big Love.

Last night after I finished watching it I went to bed with polygamy on the brain. I told Superdad that if you had the money, everyone had their own space then I wouldn't mind a few extra wives! I feel secure in my relationship with my Superdad and we are able to communicate with each other soooooooooo. It would be nice to have extra women to cook and clean. Not only that but to have all these people in your family to love. Just think of all the children you could snuggle with!!! I told Superdad to think about all the sex he could be having!!!

Needless to say he didn't jump on board. First, he said it was illegal! He is such a party pooper! Second, he said he wouldn't share me with anyone. Isn't he the greatest!?!!

The last thing I said before bed, "Be looking for your second wife. Make her younger than me so…

The Allowance Challenge has begun.

I really think it is important for our kids to know how much things cost. Not continuing to think that money grows on trees or in a secret pocket in my purse.

I am showing them by example with my compacting and now I am taking that a step further. I am going to love this!

This week we will start to give them an allowance.

10 % to go to savings. IE: The Disney account I have started at the bank.
10 % to go to church.
80 % for them to spend or save how they choose.

I am not longer going to buy their gum, mints, bag of Twizzler's they will die without, make-up, hair stuff, trading cards or whatever...

Yes, I will continue to buy necessities like deodorant, toothpaste and soap!!! :)

The rest is up to them. They will have to decide what's important to them and plan ahead. I will help them keep a log of their money and how it's spent.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Lost Theory - You call yourself a Lost fan?!?!?!

My husband is a HUGE Lost fan!

Today he put in the first show of the second season. Where the two people are brought in the hospital where Jack works because of the car crash.

The woman ends up marrying Jack.

The man was pronounced dead. I noticed that he looked like Ben. Upon further review the name of the actor that plays Ben was in the opening credits.

They were saying that the man was Shannon's step dad and Boone's dad.

You can also see him in the coffin at his funeral.

So does that mean Ben was their father? Does this mean Ben is dead??

My husband googled what we found and NO ONE had caught onto this!!!

Sooooooooo, now if you are a fan go get your season 2 DVD set and put the first show on. Look at the dead man and see for yourself that it is Ben.
So there's you something to think about!

No Bake Bars are AWESOME!

As promised I am back to post about making my own bars! I altered the recipe a tad. Here is the one I came up with.

My helper.

Some are organic and some are not. Somethings aren't worth it and everything doesn't have to be organic. :) I was going for cheap and even bought store brand if I was able to find it.

* 2 1/2 cups crispy rice cereal
* 2 cups quick-cooking rolled oats
* 1/4 cup chopped pecans
* 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
* 1/2 cup chocolate chips
* 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
* 1/2 cup light corn syrup
* 1/2 cup peanut butter
* 1 teaspoon vanilla
* 1 tablespoon maple syrup


1.In large bowl, combine cereal, rolled oats, chopped nuts & chocolate chips; set aside.

2.In small saucepan, combine brown sugar and corn syrup.

3.Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
4.Stir in peanut butter, maple syrup and vanilla; blend until smooth.

5.Pour over cereal mixture; mix well.
6.Press into ungreased 13"x 9" pan. I lined mi…

Recipes and lusting over the organic brown sugar!

First, I'd like to take a moment to share my love of organic brown sugar. Usually I don't buy organic brown sugar. I don't see it something I'd spend extra money on for it to be an organic purchase. Until now. I wanted to only shop at ONE grocery store this trip so I picked up a bag of store brand organic brown sugar.

O.M.G. I really would like to fill my bathtub up with this stuff and roll around in it for a couple of days. It is the most beautiful textured brown sugar I have ever seen. I never knew that someone could actually lust over brown sugar.

I was just measuring out some brown sugar pressing it firmly in the measuring cup when the affair started. It felt so awesome on my fingers. Seriously! This picture doesn't do it justice.

Breath in. Breath out. Okay.

In recent posts I have mentioned all the new cookbooks and cooking going on in the superhouse. I really haven't had the time to share the recipes with you. I am making myself sit down thi…

TwitterMoms and Super Moms

This is what I came up for the Super Mom group. You should check us out.

Who needs Ann Landers or Dear Abby when you have a Super Mom to ask?? That's what I say anyway.

Hi other Super Moms! My name is Michelle and I am the Supermom over at The Adventures of Supermom. When I saw that TwitterMoms had a brand new Super Mom group I HAD to join! DUH!! I'd like to thank Lana for starting this wonderfully named group. It's a great idea to join other moms in a great networking forum.

Starting on Monday I will have an "Ask Super Mom" discussion! I will do this 2 times a month. EXCITING!!!!!!!

What makes me qualified for this part you ask? Well, where do I begin. I was married at the young age of 19. Became a mother for the first time at the age of 20. Welcomed another child at 23. Became a divorced mother of 2 at the age of 26. Joined the work field at 26 to manage a drug store. Met and fell in love with my soul mate and married him the DAY after I turned 30! Nice huh?


Here's the plan.

Yesterday I sat down and made the menu. Today I went and bought most of it. I still need to get a few fresh veggies and fruits. I'll have to buy those closer to cooking time.

Veggie Night
Egg & Sausage Casserole
Baked Tilapia with Mango Salsa
Homemade Tortilla Pizzas
Chicken Pasta

Sounds pretty TASTY huh? Everyone here will think so.

This morning I got up and headed over to see Mrs F. I had a lovely visit with her. I really need to get out more. It does my body good. Lil O didn't want to leave. I think she enjoyed the shoe collection there rather well. :)

I am getting a migraine. I just took my meds and fixed something with caffeine in it. I am going to crawl in bed when Superdad gets home and veg until Grey's comes on. Night night.

Almost Famous Again!!!!!

I'd like to thank Sound Off South today. I was catching up on my online reading and look what I stumbled across:

Almost Famousby Justin Antoniotti on January 16, 2009 Last week Supermom, authur of The Adventures of Supermom, re-posted her best blog posts of 2008. Included in her “best of 2008″ section, Supermom’s long list of events that make her almost famous. The list includes her chance meetings with celebrities, and the relatives of celebrities in Asheville. 5- I have dated a CEO/President of an aerospace company. Does this even count?? I know he isn’t Bill Gates but I will include him as well. 6- When I managed a drug store, I spoke with Andie McDowell a few times. She still lives in the area. I really have no opinion of her as a person. We didn’t go out for coffee or have late night pillow talk. I think I just gave her a basket once because her arms were full.To read the full list CLICK HERE.

~sniffle~ Some days I really think you love me. :)

Girl Scout Cookies!!

Let's help these girls make it to summer camp!!! Everyone loves a Girl Scout Cookie!! You know I am right! Who doesn't like to hear, "Do you want a thin mint?". Short Bread? Peanut Butter Patties? Carmel Delights? ~insert your FAVORITE Girl Scout Cookie here~

When you think about it 12,000.00 isn't that much if we all buy a couple boxes. Spread the word!!!!

You can go here to find the order form.

What are you waiting for??? Go order a box, or 2 or 5!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supermom is one smart cookie.

I was sitting down for my 5 minutes 4 mom taking some me time. I was approached to host a discussion in a group that I am a member of earlier today. I was thinking things like, "Do people really care what I have to say?", "What sort of knowledge can I share that I learned the hard way?", "Can I make others moms life less hectic by giving tips and advice?" and "Wonder what I can get Superdad to pick up for dinner?'. You know simple things like that.

I thought I would tell you a few things that I firmly believe in. My opinion on things. Life in general.

I believe that I had to go through life exactly the way I did to be brought to Superdad. We met at the exact time we were supposed to meet and that has brought us where we are today. It's funny how we knew some of the same people before we even knew each other. I knew pretty quick that I'd be with him for the rest of my life. I am so happy to be with him.I will always love my firs…

Everyone is doing it! So, I must be HIP!

Let me say that when you google "making time for sex" and "setting a day for sex" can bring lots of information. Some I needed to know and some I didn't need to know. LOL

I did find just what I was looking for in this article.

Step2 Make regularly scheduled appointments to have sex. Time management means setting aside blocks of time for specific purposes, and sex is a very worthwhile purpose.

This is just what I did! I made a date for sex. I will not tell you what night because I don't want to psyche myself out! Or freak Superdad out.

Since everyone is doing it! I want to toooo! Literally speaking.

More Best of 2008

My 80's hair didn't win.

I entered a contest that involved big 80's hair. I hate to admit it BUT I have this picture with me and all my hair!!!!! I rather like the picture and get a good giggle when I happen to come across it in the picture box.

Want to see the picture? Now you see why BIG hair belongs back in the 80's!!! It is out of style for a very good reason.

We call this "Mall Hair". The awful spiral perm and look at the height on those bangs!!! So this was me in the 80's. Now I know why I cannot stand hair anymore. I wonder if I could add up all the HOURS I spent on that hair? I think it would be depressing.

Me now:

I am such a hot mommy now!

Okay, I am off to make an appointment to get my hair cut! :)

Cleaning and Sex. Maybe not in that order though.

It was fun having those Best of 2008 scheduled to post this week. It has given me a sort of freedom. I haven't been stressing to come up with these mind blowing posts for you. Well, today I want to start a great conversation with you lovely ladies that read my blog. Earlier I posted an "Ask Supermom" and was given two very great wonderful questions. I took the time yesterday to respond to them. The more I thought about them the more I wanted to share them with you.

K-here's my questions and the first is more general and the second may be too personal for you to answer (I'll understand if you skip the 2nd but you did say we could ask anything right?!?!

1-how do you stay organized and clean your house and keep up w/ laundry w/ 4 children?

2-and did I mention this one is quite personal...on average how often do you and your husband have sex? My husband and I just talked about this last night-our sex life is pathetic but I've just lost all desire lately...bei…

More Best of 2008

The history of my belly.

Hello there. I was going through some pictures and wanted to do a ‘history’ of my belly. LOLThis is a picture taken around when H was born. I started out at 105 pounds and got up to 157 1/2 pounds. Which means I gained 52 1/2 pounds. ~I cropped out the faces to protect the innocent. Plus, I was 20 and had a perm.~ ha ha

This is H. Weighing in at 8 pounds 12 ounces at birth.

Wasn’t she just adorable!?!?!?!Then here I am at the age of 23 pregnant with B2. Starting weight 120 pounds. I guess I kept some pounds from having H. Ending weight was 172 pounds. Which meant I gained 52 pounds.

H was happy about her little brother. Boy that changed rather quickly. LOL Again I cut my head out. Perm again and awful color lipstick my HB told me. I look pretty big though. LOLHere is B2 at birth weighing 9 pounds and 13 ounces.

es he was a WHOPPER!!!! I grow them big. Then my belly at the age of 30. LOL Starting weight 115 pounds. I weighed 172 the day O was born. That meant I gain…

I've got connections. Want me to hook you up?

Said the 34 year old woman to the boy in the McDonald's play area. Well, not exactly like that but close. Well, not even close. This little boy was talking about that new dog movie that is out and he wanted to collect the dogs. No, I don't know this boy. He just happened to turn up at our table while we were eating. I happened to mention to him that my sister works there and I could get him a couple extra dogs. HIS EYES LIT UP AND HE WAS SOO HAPPY. So I went to my sister and got him two more dogs. He was all excited! Hey, it's the little things! What can I say? I have connections. Do you want me to hook you up?

I have been super busy and haven't even checked my mail or comments. That is next on my list if the kids let me. Today was a teacher work day so I had to entertain them all day. First, we took H to the doctor because of this sore on her foot. Turns out it's not a sore but a wart. We were told how to treat it and if it's still there in 6 w…

More Best of 2008

There is no "written" rule that your socks have to match.

~Insert quick back story here~
Hi, I am Supermom. I have been a blogging mom for over 3 years now, at various sites online. I am married to HB and we have 3 (almost 4~she will be here in 13 days) children. H, B2 and Lil O. The new one will be known as Baby M, I think.
I purchased my own (dot).com name awhile back and I am FINALLY putting it to use. I have been COPYING & PASTING for DAYS from my WordPress Blog to my own (dot).com name.
Here is a picture of me, I just took it for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it is just my belly. Trust me, that is all you would look at anyway, well my belly or my boobs. So, I am showing you what I'd rather you look at. You are probably thinking, like everyone else, OMG, that poor woman looks like she is going to BUST open at any moment. Well, I am not. My EDD is April 21. Soooooo........

Well, that is a quick Bio for now. Please come back and see what crazy things are going on in our h…

More Best of 2008

What it really means to us.

(I wrote this years ago and post it every Mothers Day.)

What Mother’s Day means to all women, young and old. Before you dismiss or put this special day in line think about what it means.

This is a day for all Mothers to be celebrated for the life we have brought into this world. (After all without us you wouldn’t have your little bundle of joys.) For all the noses we have wiped and said it will be all right. For all the times we have bathed our children and tucked them in at night. For reading that story just one more time. For feeding and wiping off the walls 100 times because food has been thrown. For never wearing clean or ironed clothes ever again. For all the advice we have given and the advice not yet shared.

Being a Mother isn’t always easy. Once the ‘Oh my GOD!! I’m pregnant!!’ wears off; reality begins. We carry a baby for 9 long months. We gain 50+ pounds and feel like crap. We are nauseous and throw up. We don’t sleep. It’s hard for us to get around.…

I was tag teamed!!!!

Two lovely ladies, Stacy and Helene, thought they would play tag with me. Since I am home with all four kids today because of this wacky weather, I am game to play now. The answers might be more interesting since I feel like I am being pecked to death!

You are supposed to tell 10 random things about your self. Then of course tag someone else. If you are reading this and want to play then consider yourself IT!

1- I have had 2 "regular" births and 2 cesareans. I recovered from the cesareans much better. I found this to be odd.

2- I stutter when I get excited!

3- I never really liked having freckles.

4- I have a history of kidney stones for the last 14 years.

5- I cannot whistle.

6- British accents make me weak in the knees.

7- I love to eat fried green tomatoes.

8- I was a twin.

9- I hope to have one more child.

10- I think I may be going crazy. Don't you love those snow days? Plus, no school Friday or Monday. TWITCH!

Doesn't everyone hit their bra with a sledge hammer??

A week or so ago I bought TWO nursing bras from JCPenney with a giftcard I won through BlogHer and JCPenney. You can read about that here.

I grabbed one of the new bras to wear today and guess what??? The damn security device was still on it! I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!! I am too busy to drive over to the evil place, drag out 4 kids and go have them take it off. I used to work in retail long ago so I know how to handle those pesky lil devices!!!! First, you have to make sure it's not an ink one. Because that ink will not COME OUT if it bursts! I do not know that from experience, I have just heard things. IT could even possibly be a rumor that clothing companies tell people to deter theft. Whatever, I don't steal so it doesn't matter to me.

I wrap up my pretty new nursing bra in a towel and head down into the basement. Lay in on the cement floor and grab the sledge hammer. I don't think it's technically a sledge hammer. The head is bigger than a regular ha…

OMG, I am turning into one of THOSE people!

Last night while snug in my bed with Boob Snacker I began to think about the Nip/Tuck that I just watched. I was a Nip/Tuck fan for season 1 and season 2. Then there was the "Carver" season and they lost me. I could only take so much bad writing. Sure the sex was fun but I got tired of the whole thing. Anyway....I started watching the new season that started last week. I was up so why not type thing.

So I was thinking about the shows I have started to watch. I had prided myself into only knowing I watched a couple hours of TV a week. That included Grey's and Top Chef! That was it. Then throw in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Nip/Tuck, I am so screwed! Now there is a show I want to watch almost every day of the week.

M- The Secret Life of the American Teenager
T- Nip/Tuck
W- Top Chef
Th- Grey's

Hmmm, I wonder what night Big Love will come on?????

How pathetic is that??? I will have to plan my dwindling social life around what TV night it is!!!…

More Best of 2008

Supermom Convention

This picture was taken at the last Superhero Convention.

NOOO, that is not a fanny pack I am wearing in the above picture. It is my UTILITY BELT!!! Which includes band aids, extra pacifier, braces wax, gum, mints, photo ID's of my children just in case they get lost, cell phone, debit card and chap stick. Oh and my favorite color of Clinique lipstick and powder. I must look good while taking care of a boo boo.

I bet you didn't know I was close friends with Batman and Wonder Woman. They are swell to hang out with. Except when Batman drinks too much then he wants every woman to go to his bat cave with him. I think that is how he met Robin in fact. ~eyeroll~ He is such a show off.

Wonder Woman has even let me drive the invisible jet. Talk about a cool ride! I am envious of her. I have been trying to get the minivan to be invisible. It's not really fair that Batman has a cool fast car and Wonder Woman has the invisible jet. While Supermom gets…

Ask Supermom

It's that time again! Let's have some fun with this!!!

She's such a Boob Snacker!

I have given Baby M a nickname.

Boob Snacker or Boobie Snacker.

It seems that is all she likes to do. Breastfeed! I absolutely LOVE breastfeeding!!!!!

Even though she is almost 9 months she loves to breastfeed A LOT!!!!!!

The other day while I was taking a bath. She stood up by the tub looking in. Once she tried to bend over and get her boob for a snack. Hence, Boob Snacker!

I'd like to thank the academy...

No, seriously! I'd like to thank Mommy911.

They were asking for Supermoms to email them about themselves last week. I sent my email ASAP!!!! Duhh, who wouldn't want to know more about me and my amazing Supermom abilities!!!!! ~insert cheesy grin here~

I just checked my email and look what I was emailed!!!!!


In case you did not see it your mom spotlight is on our site.

Thank you for sending it in to us,


What are you waiting for?????? Go look at me. I am in the
Supermom Spotlight!!!!!

I'm looking for a Boarding Preschool!

Lil O is going through the TERRIBLE 3'S!!!!! OMG, it's awful! I think we all are afraid of her! She is even worse than hormonal teen!!! Now, that's pretty bad!!!!!

Everything brings on an emotional STOP, DROP AND CRY! I kid not.

So after ONE of the many outbursts yesterday this came out of my mouth,

"I wonder if we could find a boarding preschool?"

Superdad liked that! So, who's with me????? We can start one. I bet we'd make a killing!

More Best of 2008

I absolutely have the term SAHM!

I don’t know why it bothers me so. I just find it an icky term and I have NEVER used it! I just twitch when I see it used by people. lol It’s the little things right?

~warning this post is written at 5:30 am, I am not accountable for words this early~ lol

Yes, I may “stay at home” and I am a “mom”. But I find it ummm maybe “lessening” my duties while at home. I am at a loss to describe what I am trying to say.

For example, these are the duties I have being just a plain “mom” who stays at home:

*CEO ~this is what I personally call myself. CEO of my family and I will write that in Job Description when I fill out paper work or get asked my occupation.~


*Amateur Chef



*Sex Toy ~Remember I am married.~ :)


*Art Director

*Police Officer ~Did you take the toy from your sister?? Were you just in the kitchen?? Show me your hands??~

*Laundry Attendant

*Maintenance Manager of the house

*Taxi Driver of “Mom’s Jag”


*Computer Geek ~so I …

Best of 2008

This week I am going to be re-posting some of my best blog posts. Well, I think they are some of my best that is! You tell me!!!

Let the Best of 2008 BEGIN!!!!!

I'm Not Famous, Just Ask Julia Allison

I was reading the current Wired magazine that we get in the mail. There is an article about Julia Allison. Who is she you ask??? She is Internet famous. That's pretty much it. She is seen with famous people. She blogs. She tweets. She is a wild a crazy gal!!! Anything to get noticed!
She includes 3 steps to get Internet famous.

Well, this got me to thinking. I am a wild and crazy gal as well! I have led a life full of adventure. Yes it was before blogging existed and it was written down in a journal ( before computers were in every household). BUT IT STILL HAPPENED!

I sat down and made a LONG list! A list full of ADVENTURES!!! Mostly happening before I became SUPERMOM but they still count! And yet none of these things…

I know I must be going crazy...

I am actually thinking of hitting the grocery store with Lil O and Baby M ALONE! Not taking my MIL or Superdad to help. Yes, I have gone alone many times with both girls. Even all four kids. Lately it has become more difficult. Lil O has started the "Stop. Drop and Cry." routine. I cannot handle that with Baby M strapped to me. After I have my 2nd cup of coffee I might grow a pair and TAKE CHARGE AGAIN! In the mean time here's the menu I whipped up yesterday.

Monte Cristo Sandwiches ~ Superdad has been craving one so I am going to make them for everyone! I found a recipe I can use in one of the new cookbooks! Let the comment cards begin.

Quiche with ham, english muffins and hashbrowns ~ Thanks to Jennifer this has been added to the rotation two nights a month. Sometimes three. Everyone loves it!

Veggie night ~ Usually sweet potatoes, corn and something green. Maybe even some mac & cheese for the pickier eaters. IE: B2!!

Chicken Stroganoff ~ A new recipe t…

Hair Support Person Part 2

Okay, I am reaching that point where I want to call and schedule a hair appointment! I am used to being able to get up and go with my hair or even jump out of the shower and GO with my hair. Now, I am actually having to fix it. If I don't it just hangs there like a limp noodle! UGH!!!!!!!!

These pictures were taken yesterday before I headed out the door. Since my hair was fixed I snapped a few pictures to show you the progress. I know you have been losing sleeping wondering about my hair! :)

Can you see the difference since this picture was taken? I blogged about this picture here. There may not look like a big difference BUT I can tell there is one. I am having to use a clip in the front for my bangs! I cannot stand hair on my forehead!!!! LOL

A little about me for 2009.

1. What is your occupation right now?
CEO ~this is what I personally call myself. CEO of my family and I will write that in Job Description when I fill out paper work or get asked my occupation.~
Housekeeper, Amateur Chef, Nurse, Therapist, Sex Toy ~Remember I am married.~ :) Teacher, Art Director, Police Officer ~Did you take the toy from your sister?? Were you just in the kitchen?? Show me your hands??~ Laundry Attendant, Maintenance Manager of the house, Taxi Driver of “Mom’s Jag”, Janitor, Computer Geek ~so I can blog about crazy things I think about early in the morning or google, “strange smells coming from shower drain” for my Janitor position.~ Blogger.

2. What color are your socks right now?
No socks. I have on my pink flip flop slippers.

3. What are you listening to right now?
Lil O doing something to Baby M.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?

5. Can you drive a stick shift?

6. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
My sister just called.

7. Do you like the per…

Off my camera card:

My little girls in matching blue!

Big things are coming!!!!!

Superdad is going to be a guest blogger!!!!!!! It was his idea last year and I have kept it in the back of my head! I have been trying to get him to write something up but he has been busy. I was thinking I would let you, my readers, give him a topic BUT I thought of one myself. Ready???

"Behind the Scenes"

Sounds perfect!!!!!

I emailed and told him so now all that's left to do is wait....

Wait he just emailed saying, "I thought I got to pick my own?"

Perhaps we should let you decide. LOL

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Sooo, here goes. Yesterday I was sucked into watching
The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

H was watching the marathon on TV because tonight season 2 starts! I was being totally lazy. Drooling on the pillow while Baby M slept on me lazy!

I watched like 6 hours of STRAIGHT TV!!! OMG, how awful! How can people do that every single day?? I cannot!!! Such a total waste of time. I couldn't help it though. I had to know what happened so I could watch season 2 tonight. ~cough cough~ Well, I might want to watch it. I have watched season 1 so why not just see how season 2 opens. Right?

Superdad called it ONE LONG AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL. HA HA! Very true but I was still sucked in.

Have you watched this show? If not let me fill you in.

Amy is 15 and goes to band camp. Sleeps with Ricky who is also in band. She gets pregnant. She was a virgin and only slept with Ricky that one time. SEEEE IT ONLY TAKES ONE TIME!

Ricky is basically a man whore. Said in a very nice way. He i…