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I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

Teenagers have to learn that having a cell phone is a privilege.

Superdad is awesome when it comes to wording things out.  I drive him CrAzY with my grammar at times.  He is all the time correcting me.  It's okay though, I love him and I accept his FLAWS!!!!  :)

Here's the agreement we have since H was given a cell phone for Christmas from us!  Since we are paying for this phone then she has to follow the rules.  When she gets a job over the summer then we can work out another agreement. 

Feel free to borrow it for your teenager when they get a phone.

H’s Cell Phone Rules

You must maintain an A/B Report Card in all classes.
If you get a C on a report card you will lose the phone until the grade is brought up to a B. 

You will be allowed to take the phone to school. However, if you get into any trouble for not adhering to the campus/classroom rules regarding cell phone usage you will lose it immediately.

If anything inappropriate (texts or photos) is found on your phone then it will be taken away immediately.  Mom reserves the right to look through all texts and photos whenever she chooses.

No calls after 9pm on school nights (Sun- Thu) and 10pm on Friday and Saturday unless they are to parents/family or are pre-approved. The phone must be handed over at those times.

If you go over in minutes, you must pay the difference for that month. If it happens a second time then your access will be reduced (8pm weekdays, no cell phone on Sundays).*

If you go over the maximum number of texts allowed in our plan you must pay the difference.  If you go over a second time then we will cancel texting on your phone.*

No cell phone at the dining room table.

If you are asked to get off the phone, you must do so immediately.
If I have to ask you more than twice you will lose privileges for a day.

While at home, you will use the house phone instead of the cell to make calls unless you are making a call to or receiving a call from another Verizon user.

For everyone’s benefit, these rules will be reevaluated periodically and amended accordingly.

As time goes by, if you demonstrate a sense of responsibility and maturity then the rules may be altered to give you more freedom.

Alternatively, if you screw up (not just with the phone) then you will forfeit the privilege.

By signing below you acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules laid out in this contract and agree to abide by them.



There you have it!  Do you have any rules for your child when it comes to a cell phone?

Best of 2009!

~This is how deep my love runs for my son~

Tonight I cried...

...as I cared for my 11 year old son.

In the previous video you were shown his black eye. He got that black eye from throwing a baseball up in the air and catching it.

Only one time he missed.

He was quiet during dinner. He was exhausted from taking the EOG's and the trauma of being hit in the eye with a baseball.

After dinner he goes outside and wants Superdad to play catch with him.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I was cleaning up from KIDS gone Wild when I hear the crying. I look out and see B2 crying and making his way in the house with blood on him. I heard him say, "It's bad."

My poor baby missed the ball again.

His nose caught it though.

I met him at the stairs with a towel. I just sit in the floor holding my baby. Rocking him. Getting him to calm down. I just sit there holding him and rocking.

My poor baby.

I get him up. Fix him a drink and take him to my bathroom. Run him a hot bath. Help him undress and get into the tub.

I wash his hair. This is where I start to cry. I scrub behind his ears and tickle his toes.

I leave him to finish up and relax in the tub.

No matter how old our children get, they are still our babies.

I am not weird.

Due to the recent snow storm, being stuck in a house without power.  Then celebrating the holidays with family and friends we have been busy.  Now we are sick.  FUN FUN!!!

I was sitting at the table the other day rubbing my arms and playing with the stubble under my arms.  I won't mention that I haven't shaved in a week or so.  Legs or under my arms.  I love the way it feels.  Your skin is so sensitive and when you brush against the stubble it feels good.  Whatever, don't roll your eyes at me.

So, today I tell Superdad that I shaved my legs and under my arms.  You know, just in case we both get lucky for New Years.  I was trying to explain how having the hair was a nice feeling.  Like when someone rubs their hands through your hair type thing.  He totally wasn't getting it because he is losing his hair.  He was like, "NO, I don't know what you mean by that."  HA HA!!!

He then told me, "YOU need to get out of the house more."

How rude!!!

Seriously, I am not weird.  I miss the stubble under my arms and on my legs.  Yes, I love having smooth legs but when the hair grows back I will find myself rubbing my legs because of the feelings it brings.

Am I the ONLY one who thinks this way????????  Be honest!!!

Who's your Supermom??!??!

Me, of course!

We have a cold running through the house so after you read this blog post you will want to wash your hands.

I hope you have been enjoying the scheduled Best of 2009 posts.  Did you find it funny seeing me with hair at my 35th birthday party???  Sort of makes me want to grow my hair some.  Maybe.  Doubt it.  Couldn't do it.

I have exciting wonderful news to share.  The book I am working on is finished.  Okay, not really finished because I can always add to it BUT I'm stopping at this point.  I even have a cover planned out.  It came to me in a dream, so I'm totally working with it.  I'm going to put it out as an eBook sometime in January,  We have to dot all the i's and cross all out t's before it goes live.  I'm excited and scared.

You could totally like it, love it or HATE IT!!!  Hating it would be bad, very bad.  But I just know you will find it funny and perhaps laugh out loud a few times.  Right?

H & B2 are making their way back from Jersey as I type this.  H has me totally freaked out about her new cell phone.  Yes, we gave her a cell phone for Christmas.  That was in fact my idea.  Perhaps even a stupid idea.  I really hope not.  She will be 16 in June and getting a job so she really needs to have a way to contact us or WE contact HER.  We just added her to our plan!  We gave her 500 texts a month.  THAT'S THE SCARY PART!!!!!!!!!!  If she goes over they are totally going to screw us over with charges.

Having the cell phone means there are rules to follow.  I am working on a written contract for her to sign when she returns home.  I am going to use the phone to our advantage.

~ She will turn the phone over to us at bedtime.  NO TEXTING or SECRET calls during the night.

~ I can and will be looking at her texts.

~ She makes a C on a report card then the phone goes away until there is a written note from her teacher telling us she has brought the grade up to a B.

~ If anything INAPPROPRIATE is sent or received then POOF the phone is gone!!!!

~ I'm the boss!!!!

How's that for starters??????

No, I'm not being toooo hard on her.  She will eventually hang herself as they say.  This is a great learning opportunity for H to show us she can be responsible.  If H goes over she will be looking for a few babysitting gigs to cover the costs soooo keep her in mind.  She has taken the babysitting class at the Red Cross.


Best of 2009!

~Supermom has hair and celebrates turning 35~

Click HERE to see the original post and pictures.

So, now what?

I've written a book.  I guess it's finished.  So, now what??

I thought about making it an eBook....but I don't know.


I've got a headache and getting a cold.  Yipee, now that's what I call a fabulous MONDAY!  Superdad is sick along with Baby M and Lil O. 

I'm such a pathetic blogger.....cause this is all I got.

Best of 2009!

~Guest Blogger, Superdad~

Sitting In For (and a tribute to) Supermom

Supermom has requested that I (Superdad?) fulfill my promise to be a guest blogger. In light of her condition, I could hardly refuse. And as she tends to recover from everything so quickly, I figured it would only be temporary.
I can certainly attest to the fact that she really is worthy of the title. Supermom, even in pain, does not like to sit still. And in the time we have been together she's suffered her fair share: two (more) children; twice as many kidney stones; and various other issues to deal with, none of which she's ever really complained about. She has a certain strength of character. (You just know that if she got shot she'd sterlize the wound with whiskey, take a swig and dig the slug out with the paring knife...not because she's tough or trying to prove anything mind you but because it's just what has to be done.) But she's also very kind, patient and loyal. I have learned a great deal (especially about parenting) from her. I feel very humbled when she refers to me in this blog as Superdad because I can't begin to see myself in the same way that I see her (LuckyDad, certainly.) I've got a long way to go to be able to live up to such a high standard. But I married into the title so I'll take it.

New Years Resolutions.

Yeah, about that.  I don't make resolutions.  You shouldn't either.  Why set yourself up for failure and DISAPPOINTMENT?!?!?!? 

**I won't be giving up coffee so why lie about it.  I might cut back on a cup or two.  Doubt it though.

**The same goes for chocolate.  I love chocolate so why would I give up something that I enjoy.  Life is short so enjoy it!

**I won't be joining a gym either.  I didn't even like gym in school so why would I torture myself now?  Now, if I was single I might join a gym to meet attractive men BUT I doubt it.  When I was single before Superdad I didn't join a gym.  I worked beside one though.  Still didn't make it in the doors.

**I won't be giving up my cold beer either.  It's already light so what's to give up?  When I develop a beer belly then I MAY rethink my beer BUT until then it's not going to happen anytime soon.

That's all I got at this point.  Are you going to bother with setting yourself up for failure??

Best of 2009!

~Guest Blogger, Hormonal Teen~

The Adventures of Supermom gets a substitute.

This is H filling in for Supermom today, at first I did not know exactly what to write about but I'm just going to share on how it feels about having Supermom as my mom. First of all I would have to say that she is always there for me and I can tell her anything but I haven't told her everything (shhhhhhhhhhh).

As I was saying she has taught me many life skills like cooking and helping with my brothers and sisters (I have no clue how she does it alone). She has given me plenty of advice for being a teenage girl but the thing is that I can never get it through my head to learn what she said but then once I get hurt from not listening I then understand and well then it doesn't help me very well but that's just how teenagers are, I guess.

It's very interesting having her as a mom because if I have kept something from her she comes in my room and says something like,” So H I saw so and so and I found out so and so" and by then I'm like oh crap, and I end up spilling almost everything out, but I guess that's how moms are suppose to be and everything.

I love having Supermom as my mom because it's like I can always ask her about something and she's going to tell me the truth maybe not the whole truth but most of it. Sometimes I want to tell her some things like first kisses between me and my boyfriends but then I'm afraid that I'm going to get a lecture or get in trouble or told that I shouldn't do that or something close to that but then I remember (sometimes) that Supermom is like my best friend and that I can tell her anything but then I have to remember that she's also my mom that I can't tell her things that she doesn't want to hear.

Well I'm running out of things to talk about. So I guess I'll go. Bye everyone!!!

I will never WEAR black socks AGAIN!!!!!

Oh my God I swear my family is going to make me have a nervous breakdown.

I'm frustrated that Superdad is out and about for the 2 or 3 day in a row without ME or a child.  I'm upset that I'm in a frantic OCD anxiety mess.  I feel like I have no one listening to me, in this house.


A CONDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I totally require an alcoholic drink BUT it's toooo early for that.  HA HA!!  I'm serious about needing that drink.

I'm going to go cry now.

Best of 2009!

~Even Supermom makes mistakes.~

You've got the wrong name again!!

Here lately I have been calling Lil O the wrong name. I will call her H or Baby M. She will laugh and tell me, "You've got the wrong name, I am Lil O."

Then she will laugh and call me silly.

That's what I get for having 4 kids. I knew I should have named them One, Two, Three and Four!!!!!

I do know I will answer to H and Danielle. And H will answer to Michelle. LOL My mamaw calls us all different names. I just answer because I know she is talking to me.

The day after...

It seems that every year it takes FOREVER for Christmas to get here then POOF it's the day after.  Right now I am enjoying a hot cup of coffee while the tree twinkles and Lil O is serenading me with her Princess Vanity, which isn't a vanity after all, it's a piano.  Lucky US!  Who wouldn't want to be serenaded to Princess music at 7 AM?!?!??!  Dare I ask that?

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family this year.  It really is a blessing to just be together and socialize.  The past couple of years we have started a tradition where my mamaw and great aunt come over Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and to open presents together.  I will fix breakfast and we will just sit around in our pj's and let the kids play.

The kids are loving Rock Band!  I am tooo.  I've tried the drums a few times.  It's harder than it looks I admit.  I went in thinking, "Oh, that's easy!  I can do that!"  Yeah, well I was wrong.  I think with some practice when NO ONE is home and I can jam out that I will become a Rock Band PRO!  That will have to be a Week in Review video for you!

There goes that Princess Vanity again!!!!!!  Damn you Santa.  Oh wait, I helped Santa with that one.  Hmmm, those were new AA batteries so I am screwed!!!!!!

H & B2 will be heading to New Jersey today with their dad to visit with their in-laws.  I hope they have a safe adventure!  I will miss them like crazy.  They will be home next week.  (So, I can jam out to Rock Band without an audience.)  I'm going to use their absence as a time to clean out their closets and start my YEARLY January Goodwill pile.  Every year after Christmas I get this urge to clean and get rid of useless things that have accumulated.  I can do it without them looking over my shoulder.  Hey, they haven't missed anything so far over the past several years in my yearly purge.

I leave you with this one question and I expect you to answer it if you're taking the time to read this blog.

What will you miss most since Christmas is over?

Week in Review.

I would never let my dedicated fans down!

I hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas Pictures

The slide show wasn't working so I just posted the pictures.

Santa loved my cookies!

Merry Christmas 2009

Lil O with her Princess Vanity.

Merry Christmas 2009

Lil O loves her Princess Dress.  Do you see a pattern here?

Merry Christmas 2009

Lil O wants to eat a kiss and Baby M wants to eat her crayons.  To each his own I suppose.

Merry Christmas 2009

Dora needs her hair fixed.

Merry Christmas 2009

Turns out Superdad has a thing for Princesses too.

Merry Christmas 2009

H just has a thing for her new cell phone.  :)

Merry Christmas 2009

B2 loves the Rock Band 2. 

Merry Christmas 2009

My mamaw and great aunt K.

Merry Christmas 2009

He'll be touring soon.

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas

There are things that your heart never forgets even if your mind does.

There is a tugging at my heart today.  I knew what it was because I thought about it last week.  At least I am able to think about it now and not cry with sadness.

I lost my best friend Brian on December 21, 1996.  He was buried on December 23.

I thought I was going to fade away when I learned of his death.  I remember my mamaw was afraid to tell me because she knew of our bond.

We met in middle school.  He had written me a note asking if we could hold hands while walking to the buses.  We did hold hands that day.  We became the best of friends.  I came to love Brian with all my heart like a brother figure.  We always did things together.  Talked on the phone.  Went to the movies.  Played Nintendo.  We were just Michelle and Brian.  There for each other for the good times and the bad times.

One time he kissed me after we graduated high school.  I was so mad at him.  I didn't speak to him for days.  I just didn't look at Brian as a love interest.  He was just Brian my best friend.  He is still my best friend.  At times I will catch myself talking to him.  Hoping he is proud of me.

Even my first marriage didn't get in the way of our friendship.  He was always coming over to hang out.  I taught him how to play dominoes so he enjoyed that.  And SCRABBLE!!!!!  We'd have lunch and just be.  Keeping the phone line busy when we had gossip to share.  

So, even though the memory may fade our heart never forgets.  I love you Brian.

Best Friends Forever.

A song that I listened to a lot after Brian:

Tracy Chapman ~ The Promise

If you wait for me
then I'll come for you
Although I've traveled far
I always hold a place for you in my heart

I learned something about myself.

I'm addicted to my Blackberry.  OKAY, I knew this already but I didn't want to admit it outloud.  Or to you.  Really I didn't want to admit it to Superdad.

My Blackberry has been acting up for about a week so I get the bright idea to upgrade it on their Verizon Wireless website.  Yeah, I shouldn't have done that.

After the upgrade the phone is SLOW and my browser went POOF!  I cannot connect to the Internet, Facebook or work with my email.  I was so frustrated because of everything else I have been dealing with.

DAMN YOU BLACKBERRY for causing addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this morning I hand my beloved phone over to Superdad so he could take it to the Verizon store to restore to the original settings and fix my browser back.  SNIFF!!!!  I miss you Blackberry.  You've been my constant friend for almost two years.  You have been my light in the dark, even helping me find my way through our dark house at times.  You have entertained me for hours while I have been in carpool waiting for the kids.  You have helped me update my Facebook status when I was bored.  You have even helped me Google recipes when I was at the store and forgot what my recipe required.

~shrug~  It could be worse.  I could be addicted to beer and chocolate.  Oh wait, I already am.  Oh well, such is life.

**Then Superdad calls to tell me about THIS!!!!  Who said I was a patient person to begin with?!??!?  So maybe it wasn't my phone.  But now it is because I messed it up.  HA HA!!!  I have to laugh about this.**

My letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

I thought it was about time I sat down to write you a letter.  You know that I love this time of year even though it is very wild and crazy.  I've never been one to commercialize this holiday.  I know the real meaning of Christmas and maxing out my credit cards isn't part of my tradition.  I don't want my children to learn that from me.

The kids have been great and I know they are on the "nice" list.  They may have their moments but all in all they are truly terrific kids.  You know what I say to be true.

This year they haven't asked for much.  They don't even know what they are getting from us on this special day.  Or from you.  I love having it be a surprise!!!!!  Makes it all the merrier.

This year Lil O is going to make you some homemade oatmeal cookies.  I hope Superdad doesn't eat them all before you get here with your goodies.  I will try to guard them just for you.   Okay?

I have one small request.  I've had a difficult year emotionally and I am trying to get to my happy place.  Today has been a good day BTW.  Oh, my request.  Please fill my stocking with lots and lots of these bites of heaven:  The Barcelona Bar.

I think they are just the best candy bar ever made!!!!  The smoked almonds, sea salt and chocolate.  O.M.G.  Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Santa,

RED ALERT!!! RED ALERT!!! Better run for cover.

I have to find my power animal, happy place or WHATEVER today!

My anxiety and OCD is in the RED zone today.  Last night I was snappish, grouchy and just not happy.  I just cried from exhaustion.

I don't like being this way.  It hurts me.  I'm just glad that I can be honest with my husband and kids when I feel this way.  When you live with someone that deals with anxiety and has a few MINOR OCD issues it's good to have a safe haven that you can express your feelings and your family help you through it.

Today, I am going to work on finding my happy place.  I'm going just do what needs to be done to heal myself.  I know it will require some cleaning, it always does for some reason.  Some people eat, some sleep when they are anxious.  I clean.  Perhaps having different people in my space has upset my balance?  Who really knows.

With Christmas coming I thought I would go through some posts from this year and schedule some "Best of 2009" blog posts for you.  If you have any recommendations of your favorite post then just give me a shout out.  I'd love to hear what you think about The Adventures of Supermom 2009.

Snow Before and Snow After

This and that now that we have Internet.

The Heat is On.  (Typed up on a Saturday.)

After a cold night and MORNING the heat came on around lunchtime today!  I so am NOT a camper.  Being in a dark and cold house is no fun.  Add four very bored kids and then it gets sour real quick.  They cannot play their game systems, watch TV or play on the Internet.  So, they entertain us by driving us batty.

It was so dark and cold we all went to bed really early.  This is where it got rather comical.  H wouldn't let B sleep in her bed because she thought it was gross even though they share a bed when we vacation.  So, Lil O was going to sleep with H instead.  B didn't want to be in his bedroom alone so he actually was going to sleep in Lil O's toddler bed.  It was pushed up to my side of the bed.  Turns out Lil O didn't want to sleep with H so she crawled into her bed with B.  I snapped a picture with my phone to show everyone.  Yes, they slept that way all night. 

Since we all went to bed early we were awake EARLY as well.  No power still.  Cold, cold and cold.  We woke up to over a foot of snow.  Beautiful white snow blanketing everything.  I love the snow! 

We pretty much stayed in the bed all morning. I was craving hot coffee something bad!!!!!  Eventually I irritated Superdad enough to get him out of bed and dressed to head down the road in search of hot food and coffee.  Then guess what happened while he was on the road???  The power came on.  We were dancing with joy.  I called him to tell him to head home!  I started coffee and turned the dishwasher on.  CRACKED the heat WAY UP!!!!!  Then I made some hot pancakes to fill our bellies up. 

I was rushing around trying to get things taken care of just in case the power went off again. 

I even squeezed in a bath with Baby M.  Then B went sledding with the neighbors and Lil O played in the snow with Superdad.

I started feeling sick, headache sick.  I popped my headache pills and something for nausea and have been resting on the couch watching the third Pirates movie with H.  Orlando Bloom, SWOON!

We still don't have Internet so I'm typing this up in notepad for you and as soon as it's up and running I will post this and LOTS of snow pictures!

~A blog for Sunday typed up on a Sunday.

Last night my MIL came to camp out here because she still had ZERO power.  We sat around and drank hot tea and coffee.  Enjoying the warmth from having power.

We all retired to our beds and H to the couch for a long winters nap.  Ahhh, to sleep in a warm house.  Nothing like it!

This morning I got up to no Internet BUT I did have HOT coffee.  AHHHHHH!!!!  I flipped some pumpkin pancakes for the family as I enjoyed the beautiful snow.

I have chicken cooking in the crock and bread dough rising.  Please power stay on!!!!!  I beg you.

Okay, it's Monday night.  I am exhausted and very grouchy.  I'll be back tomorrow all bright and shiny!!  I hope.

Good Monday Morning

I've been up and down with Lil O complaining of a headache. She's up now and feeling fine. Since the CABLE and INTERNET are still down we are watching movies through the XBOX 360. Wouldn't you know our dvd player DIED last week!!!

~shaking head~

Superdad is venturing to work today and I have to clean this house. Since we've had power our house has been a nice warm getaway for food and showers to those without power. I have a huge mountain of towels to wash and assorted things to clean up.

I cannot believe Christmas is this week. It may be a white Christmas after all.

Okay, must hook up the coffee IV and entertain the kids.

Stay warm and safe!

I thought I updated for you yesterday.

We got power after lunch yesterday. Still no Internet or cable though. I'd gladly trade those in for power any day.

I have a blog post typed up and saved for when the Internet comes up. Even beautiful snow pictures!!

This snow is just beautiful!

Stay warm and safe! See you when I can.

The power, the power is off.

Our power eventually came on after noon today. I was able to watch the new Harry Potter. Loved it!!! I cannot wait to see the new movie next year.

I wish I had invested the time to read the books but I'm not going to start now.

Then after the movie the kids went out to play. I started dinner because I knew the power would eventually go off again because the snow was pouring down.

I was right!

About 5:15 the power said bye bye. Which totally sucks! There is like 12 inches of snow out there and the sky is falling with more.

The kids are hogging the couch with their game things and Ipods. I'm in the chair nursing Baby M. I hope she goes to sleep because she is rather confused with the darkness and is fussy. I can hear transformers blowing and see the dark sky light up when they do.

I still love the snow. I just wish power lines were in the ground like other states. It would make more sense and make life a bit easier.

Superdad is in bed resting. I'm thinking he's tired of the tap tap tap of the game things and hearing Beyonce belt out a tune.

Can't say I don't blame him.

I hope everyone is safe and warm. See ya in the morning.

** It is snowing **

School was canceled today due to the threat of snow. I went about my business cleaning house. No, I wasn't doing it to get away from the kids no matter what they might say.

"Mom, why are you cleaning with a toothbrush? Come sit in here with us."


Then the power went off. Figures since I had just started the washer and dryer. Thankfully I had a cup off coffee to enjoy.

So, the kids are bickering. I'm in bed with Baby M as she tries to tell knock knock jokes.

It has stopped snowing at the moment but is supposed to snow through tomorrow. Superdad
is at work even though I called to tell him to come home because the roads are getting bad.

I love my Blackberry!

Like it, love it or hate it??

You tell me how you feel about the new design.

Week in Review.

Snow may be coming. Hormonal Teenager getsa hair cut. Supermom did too. Baby M dental fund. No dental insurance SUCKS! Have a Merry Christmas!

Supermom gets to talk to Daphne Brogdon of coolmom.com

This morning has been exciting!!  I did a Week in Review and as soon as it's uploaded I will publish it instead of making you wait until tomorrow.  Since Santa is watching me I thought I had better be on my best behavior.

Then as I was laying in bed breastfeeding Baby M the phone rings.  Guess who it was???????

Daphne Brogdon of coolmom.com

Yes, Daphne I did have a fabulous conversation with you while Baby M was having her naptime snack.  Multitasking at its best!!!  If anyone can do it, Supermom can. 

Daphne was super sweet on the phone.  She mentioned that she could talk to me all day because she loved my accent.  Do I really have a cute shy southern belle accent??  Ya'll would be honest with me, right?  HA HA!!  I couldn't resist with the YA'LL there.   Anyway....

We have something in common.  A blended family.  She is a step-parent and Superdad is a step-parent to two of my children from a previous marriage.  Step-parenting is complicated and takes lots of work.  Just think about the time that Hormonal Teenager starts to like her step-dad she will start to like me again as well.  I was once told that around 24 she would start to appreciate me again.  Is that true???

Since Daphne was once a stand-up comedian I told her becoming a parent must have given her lots of new material.  Kids will never let you down when it comes to comical behavior.  Kids do and say the funniest things.  I blog all about the adventures in this house!!  Well, that's why this blog exists!  My kids supply me with all this good stuff and I just couldn't keep it to myself!!

Okay. let me get to the nitty gritty as they say!  Daphne has partnered up with Mastercard and Upromise.
With todays economy woes they have come up with an awesome way to put a percentage of money into a special account for college.  You can click HERE to get all the information.

When I was asked if I would be a spokesperson for the Upromise World MasterCard it was a no brainer.  Everyone at some point uses a credit card, right?  Online purchases or rental cars -- you have to have one.  With the Upromise World MasterCard 1% of your purchases can go into your Upromise account and then be transferred into a 529 education fund for your child.  Or, if you need to pay off a student loan, you can use it for that. Also, if you go to upromise.com you will find tons of businesses that give you money back into your education fund for making eligible purchases with them.

It's like a rebate. And you don't have to do it alone.  When grandma asks what junior wants you can say, "Well, he wants a train, but if you purchase it with this card you will also give mom what she wants -- help paying for his college."

It's pretty simple to explain to relatives.

 * Use your Upromise World MasterCard

       - Earn cash back in your Upromise account on everyday purchases.

 * Shop online through upromise.com.

       -  Get 1%-25% back from eligible purchases at more than 700 online retailers.

 * Eat at participating restaurants.

       - You can get up to 8% back from more than 8,500 restaurants

  * Go to the grocery store or drug store.

       - Get 1-3% back on thousands of eligible items when you scan a Upromise registered grocery or drug store card at checkout.
(this was part of a guestpost on the upromise site.)

Totally AWESOME, don't you agree???  We all use a credit card at one point or another so why not let a percentage go to a wonderful cause.  You children or grandchild's college fund!!!

So, go check out The Upromise® World MasterCard® credit card.

Thanks Daphne for the phone call this morning.  Call anytime.  I really think we could be BFF!!!   Maybe you could sing a song about us!!! 

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

or something close to that anyway.

This is what our weather looks like for the next couple of days.

Pretty exciting huh???  Well, except the kids missing a day of school and being home with me all day right before Christmas vacation.  Other than that though.  

I've got my days all mixed up.  I know it's a day that ends in Y but other than that I am unsure of the exact day.

Yesterday I took hormonal teen to get her hair cut.  Teenage girls and their hair!  O.M.G.  She spends HOURS on her hair.  Either she is curling it or straightening it.  It's crazy!!!!  So got a wild idea about getting it cut shorter.  There's a style where is it shorter in the back but gets longer as you come around to the face on both sides.

Like this:

After having several INCHES cut off she didn't quiet make it to that short.

She was all freaked about all the hair in the floor and had to stop.  Maybe next time she will go shorter since she will be used to her new short hair.  I think it looks fabulous on her!!!!!!

Girls and our hair.  I have no problem just buzzing my hair off.  I love super short hair.  It suits me.  I don't feel any less of a woman with short hair.  I LOVE SHORT HAIR!!!

Making a list and checking it twice.

~ Drug store to get script
~ Ingle's to pick up a few things.  Like fruit for bread, Christmas candy for stockings and cookies to make more balls.
~ Post Office to mail a package
~ Get H from School
~ Drop O and H at AAC for JB practice
~ Go get B
~ Go back to AAC and wait for 1/2 an hour until practice is over.  I'm going to sign a few cards while waiting.
~ Take H to get her hair cut.  Maybe mine too.
~ Cook Dinner.  I already made some homemade sgetti sauce so that simplifies dinner tonight.
~ Laundry
~ Fill up minivan.

I was able to get LOTS done today.  I love seeing progress.  Tomorrow should be an easy day.  I have a phone call from TV host and fellow blogger, Daphne Brogdon coming in.  I get to have some girl chat with another Supermom.  Pretty cool.  I'll tell you how it goes. 

I also got a bread order today.  One pear and one peach.  I'm going to bake those up tomorrow.  I got an email from one of the kids teacher wanting the recipe.  She said it was the best bread she had ever eaten.  I sent all the teachers some pear bread for Christmas.  I told her she couldn't have the recipe because it's something I came up with.  A work in progress so to speak.  I did agree to send her some more on Friday though.  Cause I'm nice like that. 

I'm sitting here breastfeeding the baby thinking if there's anything else I need to blog about.  Nope, not that I can think of.

Is everyone ready for Christmas?

8 Days until Christmas?!??!

WOW!!!  You wouldn't get that vibe if you were at the Superhero house that is for sure.

Yesterday I drowned myself in reviews and company.  Anna came over for morning coffee and Renee came over after dinner.  ~sniff~  They love me.  I enjoyed both visits.

B2 woke up during the night with a sick tummy.  Which brings me up to a subject, do you lose some of your brain cells when you are sick?  Because he comes into our room to tell me he thinks he's going to throw up and just stands there looking at me.  "Well, go to the bathroom."  Duhhh!!  I thought that made perfect sense to me.

Sick tummy = Go to bathroom immediately.

He woke up feeling better so he went on to school. 

Okay, must go be Supermom.

Three Little Bunnies Sitting on the Bed

Project Oreo is no more.

Baby M woke up at 4ish am wide awake so I got up with her.  This is where I read the email that upset me.

My friend has canceled Project Oreo.  She said since Superdad didn't want the dog that she wasn't going to give him to us.  She wasn't going to allow me to be a rebel and take the dog against his wishes.  She said she knew he would have loved it here and would have loved my kids but SHRUG has decided to make other plans for him.

I totally get the email she sent.  It just makes me sad and angry all in one.  I guess I can add this to the list of "Missed Chances of Getting a Dog."

No, this isn't my happy face....

Countdown to Christmas.

I couldn't resist looking this morning to see how many days until the big guy comes to town.

I'd like to thank everyone for all the comments here and on facebook about the puppy and the emails. It's still a touchy subject here. He's still being DIFFICULT and I'm upset about the position I am in. I've never gone against something he has voiced his opinion about. But now I am really thinking about it.

That hurts me terribly.

We both live in this house and I respect his decisions. I just would like him to do the same for me. Let's be honest here. We all know who will be the dogs primary care giver. ME! I am home 24 hours of the day and everyone else isn't. Everyone else in this house has a life and such. My life is here at this house. I want a dog that is mobile. One I can pick up and let ride in the minivan while we get the kids from school. One that can sleep at the end of the bed. One that can enjoy my four kids. Even if Lil O dresses him up as a princess and pushes him around in her doll stroller. A small dog is needed in this house for many reasons.

I am tired of stating my case. I'm going to go drink coffee and clean the house. Typical Monday.

When is the right time to add a pet to your family?

~I'm not writing this post to guilt or make Superdad feel guilt.  I am just sharing some thoughts on the matter.~

Over the past several years the kids have wanted to add a dog to the Superhero house.   At certain times the opportunity came up but that time wasn't right for us.

For example:  A 10 month old male Yorkie, MY DREAM DOG, was needing a home. 
Why we didn't take him:  I just had Baby M and was on my first day of depression meds when we got the call.  

Then there was the call about a rescued Yorkie.  I took Lil O to see her but she wasn't a friendly happy dog.  I am assuming that there was some abuse involved.  Hence why she was rescued.

Then my sister thought her mini Schnauzer had gotten knocked up by the neighborhood wienie dog.  I toyed with the idea of taking one of the pups.  Turned out she wasn't pregnant.

Now to get to the point!!!!!!

We have been given the opportunity to open our home to a 10 month old Shih Tzu male.  His owners aren't able to spend much time with him because they aren't home.  As you know I am always home!  HA HA!  He belongs to my friends cousin.  It is heartbreaking for all involved.  They are sad about giving him away but they aren't able to be with him like he needs.  Then my friend is sad because she wants the dog to have a better life even though she knows this is hurting her cousin and niece.

That's Oreo.  Isn't he a cutie pie???  I tease my friend that if we get him I am changing his name to Fat Boy.  H had a friend that had a chihuahua named Fat Boy.   I thought it was hilarious!  I told H that I could change the spelling to Phat Boi.  I tease or do I?

Then there's me who just wants the dog to love and be in our family.  I just know he'd fit in perfect in our crazy house.  The kids would love him!!!!

Superdad is leery because he's not fond of the breed.  He wasn't fond of yorkies either BUT agreed to let me get one when I thought the time was right.  :)  Plus, there is the whole money is tight right now issue.  Adding one more mouth to feed worries him. 

I just have a gut feeling that this puppy should come here to live and I know he'd have a wonderful life here.  There is one thing this house has lots to offer and that is L O V E!

Lil O has a heart of gold.

I've noticed that the past few days Lil O will put things under the tree wrapped in her blankets.  It didn't hit me until this morning what she was doing.  Taking toys and wrapping them for gifts for her friends and siblings. 

Yes, we can ALL say, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" together.

So, I helped her make a list of her little friends and a few family members.

~ Baby M
~ H
~ B2
~ Daddy
~ Alexis
~ Haley
~ Ruby
~ Charlotte
~ Lil H
~ Mamaw
~ Aunt K
~ Grandma

Then we drove to the $1.00 Store so she could do her shopping.  It was adorable!  I explained to her it was awesome to give rather than receive.  I am so proud of Lil O.  

This is where Supermom cries from the gratitude.

I just got an email from paypal.  A fabulous reader of my blog donated money for Baby M's dental work.

I cannot put into words how thankful I am for this woman.  She knows who she is.

I am in shock. 

Thank you!
The Lee Family

Week in Review.

My Snuggle Bunny. The Jungle Book. Plus, the phone keeps ringing. People want my attention 24/7. I love it.

Okay, I admit it! I DID not sleep with Tiger Woods.

~gentle smile~

I'm up and baking more pear bread for Christmas gifts.

I will post a Week in Review when I sit down...eventually.

PS. Last night I dreamed I went on a date with Steve Martin. I think we even had sex. Weird huh?

Weird Dreams

Supermom Cooks

I've been in the kitchen all afternoon/night.  It has taken my mind off of today's events.  A little bit that is.

Pear Mini Loaves for assorted holiday gifts,

Pear Bread

Almond Flour Banana Bread.

Almond Flour Banana Bread

Hazelnut Liqueur Balls

Hazelnut Liqueur Balls

Hazelnut Liqueur Balls

Oh HELL!! Might as well traumatize my four year old.

Supermom to Hormonal Teenager ~ They are going to put Baby M to sleep to fix those teeth.  It's going to be a very emotional day for me.

Lil O ~ They are going to put her to sleep?????

So we spent the next little bit explaining to Lil O that they were going to give Baby M some medicine to make her not scared so the doctor could fix those teeth.  

Oh no she DIDN'T!!!!

Lil O ~ This kitchen is a mess!  You need to clean it up.

Yes, she was talking to me.

I've had a very trying day.

First, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I picked up a bag of powdered sugar and it BLEW all over me.  Hair, face, clothes and my shiny red shoes.  Really it did!!!  I had to clean myself off in the aisle.  You would have thought I was on a hidden camera or something.  I was laughing about it all!!!  Maybe that was a much needed stress relief.

Second, we saw the pediatric dentist with Baby M.  The doc is awesome!  She was nice and informative.  I had to hold back tears because they have tentatively scheduled her appointment January 19th I believe.  It will be at our hospital because they have to put Baby M to sleep to fix the four front teeth on top.  I am heartbroken over all of this.  Did I mention we don't have dental insurance?  This is going to cost thousands of dollars.  Nice, huh?  I have a handy dandy donate button over there if you want to start the Baby M dental fund.  Joking, but not really.  Right now it's difficult to spend thousands of dollars on anything.

I figure if I get 2000 people to donate only $2.00 then that will cover most of it.  Or 4000 people to donate only $1.00...  If you break it down like that then it's not that much to donate.  HA HA!!!  If Karyn can do it with her shopping debts then why can't I do if for Baby M's dental work?? I'm just sayin'..........

Okay, I am going to make some Rum Balls without the Rum.  I'm going to use some Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur that I already have in the kitchen.

YUMMMYYY!!  I'll try not to sip the liqueur too much while making the balls.  Perhaps a good drink and cry will do me good.

My Snuggle Bunny ©

I think I have it.

Introducing a Supermom ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!

My Snuggle Bunny ©

I used only yarn and thread to make this adorable bunny. I didn't want any choking hazards.

My Snuggle Bunny ©

My Snuggle Bunny ©

My Snuggle Bunny ©

My Snuggle Bunny ©

My Snuggle Bunny ©

I will be adding an assortment of colors on ETSY

A simple blog on a Wednesday morning.

Good Morning Supermom Fans!!!!

I've been busy in the kitchen and working on my first prototype crocheted project.  Since Superdad is still on his SCD Diet I begrudgingly made him more almond flour bread.  Ha Ha!!  You know I must love that man to do this after I fussed the first time with the results.  I tried a Lemon Poppy Seed bread sweetened with honey.

Almond Flour Bread

Since I now know how the almond flour will cook I was able to get a better idea and not get the bread over cooked.

Remember Gail and the 365 Creative Challenge??  I wanted to make Gail some special bread just for her.  She is diabetic and not eating flour products at this time soooooo I whipped up some special bread just for her.

Almond Flour Pear Bread sweetened with Splenda.

Almond Flour Pear Bread with Splenda

I will be taking them to the post office today to mail.

I've been a busy Supermom.  I have even started on baking my pear bread to give as gifts.  I have three loaves to put in the freezer today and I will be making more today after I buy more oil.  Being in the kitchen may be hectic because the kids always want to be there with me but I find it relaxing.  I get a lot of joy when I bake and create.

Speaking of creating...  About a week ago before I drifted to sleep I had an idea come to mind.  I am surprised I even remembered it when I woke up but I am glad I did.  I started working on my first prototype and I am very impressed at how it's turning out.

My Snuggle Bunny ©

My Snuggle Bunny ©

Today I will work on the face, putting it together and sewing on a trim.


See, I have been busy.

Nothing to report on the BF front.  I am guessing that's a good thing.  Or at least I hope so.  Okay, must go get busy.  LOTS to do.

You won’t like me when I’m angry….

I turn green and get these huge muscles.  My clothes start to rip and come off but mysteriously my pants fit perfectly at the waist.

Yesterday was a rough emotional day for me.  When things get that way for me my body will shut down and make me sleep.  I was in bed at 7:30 I believe.  So, that tells you my body was over it.

Over our wonderful weekend we noticed a spot on Baby M’s tooth.  We were wondering if she had chipped a tooth from a fall she had a few weeks earlier.  Then of course I use Dr Google and read all sorts of things.  Some were about me being sick while pregnant may have messed with her tooth development.  Or that she had tooth decay, which is normal they say.  BUT Baby M doesn’t drink from a bottle.  She doesn’t drink juice.  Sugar isn’t a big part of our diet.  We brush her teeth.  Geeze louise we eat an excellent organic diet year round.  It’s not like I am letting her sip Mt Dew from her cup.  I had all sorts of things running through my head.
The dentist saw her yesterday after Lil O’s Jungle Book practice.  It is tooth decay.  I had to hold her down TWICE for them to look in her mouth.  I could have cried.  He couldn’t tell me why this happened.  We are very lucky to have caught it like right away because it will be an easy fix.  Baby M will see a pediatric dentist Thursday to make all the arrangements.  They will have to sedate Baby M to fix the teeth.  (There are four teeth bothered with the decay.)

I told him they’d have to sedate me as well when they fix her teeth because I will be a total mess!!!

I just don’t know how this happened.  I know there doesn’t have to be a reason.  I just know we don’t have dental insurance (With work so down at the moment for Superdad they axed dental when insurance renewed in November.) and sedation and fixing teeth are going to be $$$.

It’s okay.  Things will be fine.  I am not worried.  I can just vent on this blog to you guys!

So, you’d think that I’d had enough emotional stress for the day but you are wrong!

Remember when I blogged last week about hormonal teens boyfriend calling to start crap every week making her cry?

He of course did that again yesterday when we got home from the dentist.  Poor boyfriend messed with Supermom on a very bad day.  I could hear H raising her voice and pleading from her bedroom.  I marched back there and flung open her door to ask who she was talking to.  She told me to leave.  HA HA!!  I asked again, “WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?”  She told me.  I tried to get the phone but she wouldn’t let me have it so I went to the living room and picked up the OTHER PHONE then walked back to her room.  H asked me to get off the phone to which I said, “Let me say what I want to say or I will make YOU get off the phone.”

I was so emotional I cannot remember word for word.  I do remember saying a few cuss words to which I am sorry.  BUT DAMMIT enough is enough.  It went like this, or close to it.

“I do NOT appreciate you calling here upsetting H.  You do this bullshit every week.  Things will be going fine then YOU call her and make her cry.  So what if she talked to another boy or ~insert things I cannot remember here~….  As far as I can tell my daughter loves you and ~insert more I cannot remember here~….  If you two cannot get your SHIT together then YOU will not be allowed to call here ANYMORE!”

I wish I could remember word for word.  My mouth was moving and my brain just couldn’t keep up.

I was shaking after this.  Toooo much I tell you.  Then I overcooked the burgers and steamed the broccoli to mush.  So, now you can see why I just went to bed with Baby M and went to sleep.

~H has already defended the BF this morning.  I asked her if his attitude changed once I got off the phone.  She said, “Yes, but he said he doesn’t call here to upset me all the time.  He just called here to fix things.”

I have one word to say to that.


I'm sorry Tiger BUT I laughed until I wet my panties!

I know it's wrong of me to laugh at someone.  It's downright rude BUT Tiger was so stupid to actually think with him so FAMOUS he could go out and do the things he did.  SOOOOOOOOOO, go watch this video from SNL and wet your pants from laughter!

The Others.

Part 3.  ~a tribute to Lost up there~

I'm not one to attend blog functions.  In fact I was just telling my friend that I'd rather not go to them.  I did get out of seclusion to go to a local blog gathering right at Halloween but that's about it.

Even if I am out and about I don't usually announce I'm a mom blogger unless I am comfortable with the person I am speaking to.  I know Superdad is super proud of me and tells people and of course my kids tell everyone if given the chance.

BUT when the Great Wolf Lodge invited us I just couldn't turn it down.  I knew it would be an awesome experience and the kids would have a BLAST!!!  SO we decided to pack up the minivan with four kids, a great grandmother and a great aunt and hit the road one cold Friday.

I just knew the other moms would be thinking, "Oh NO!!!!  There's that mom who blogs about poop, boogers and sex.  She thinks she is so cool."

Yanno, things like that.  ~gentle smile~

BTW, I know I'm totally cool.  HA HA!!

Anyway, the breakfast was yummy.  Even if Baby M spilled a WHOLE glass of water in my plate of food, in my purse and on my dress.  Guess what H did????  She went and fixed me a new plate with everything I had in my other plate!  Wasn't that awesome of her??  She does love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a photo taken BEFORE the water spillage.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Before I get critiqued on the awful green sweater that doesn't go with my fabulous black dress let me clear things up!  IT WAS FREAKING COLD in the banquet room.  I think I might have had icicles forming on me.  I hadn't planned on wearing the sweater for the pictures but it just turned out that way.

Here's the other mom bloggers.  Please forgive me but I cannot remember their names.  So, if you are one of these mom bloggers reading this post, yell at me in a comment and I'll get it added for you.

You already know which one is me. 

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

It was totally cool to be sitting at a reserved table rubbing elbows with the mayor.  Okay, technically we weren't rubbing elbows BUT his table was right beside mine.  That counts for something right?  If you are a country music fan then you might know of the group Highway 101?  We were able to hear them perform.  They were our after breakfast entertainment.  ~nodding, pretty good morning~

A few random pictures from Sunday at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Baby M, Supermom and H.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

This is Jennifer the PR Beauty that made my stay at the Great Wolf Lodge so enjoyable!  Isn't she so pretty?!?!?!?!?!?  I thought she was super nice and if I'd been given time I am sure we would have been BFF by the end of my stay.  Okay, I can dream can't I???!??!  I just like her and wanted you to know that.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Good bye Great Wolf Lodge!  We had an awesome time and hope you invite us back again soon.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC


I was cruising the mom blog list email and came across this picture on Sutton Grace.  I met this lovely woman at the breakfast.

I scanned through her photo and found some familiar faces.

great wolf lodge group shot

Girls and boys just want to have fun.

Part 2.

I had a minute since the BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS Dora is on.  The one where Swiper is on the naughty list.  So, I am using the TV to babysit Lil O, Baby M and Hormonal Teenager!  HA HA!!

The Great Wolf Lodge has this gigantic INSIDE water park.  You name it and they have it.  It's awesome.  They even have lifeguards walking around!  I was super impressed!  We all were.

Here's a picture of Lil O having a blast.  Don't worry if you forget your babes swim vest because they have an assortment for you to use!!!  Free of charge!

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

This is how we roll.  We had already been in the pool earlier.  I was walking around hoping that Baby M would drift off to sleep.  She didn't.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Look who stole Santa's seat!!!!

H, Supermom and Lil O.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

I'm on the GOOD LIST Santa I promise!!!  See how relaxed I look?

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Lil O and B2.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

I have family that lives in Charlotte so they were able to come up one night for dinner.  Superdad and my uncle aren't in the picture but "the girls" are.

Baby M, Supermom, Lil O, Aunt Pat, H, Great Aunt K and My Mamaw.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

We had a fabulous time.  Be sure to look for our gold colored bracelets.  When you check in you are given bracelets.  They open your room door, get you into the pool, let you purchase things in gift shops and the assorted other stores in the lodge.  You can even swipe your bracelet to charge the vending machines to your room.  Ours are GOLD because we were VIP guests.  Every one else had on blue.  :)  Pretty cool I tell you.

I wonder if I continue to wear mine I will be treated like royalty???  I would never hurt to try, right?

Oh the kissing the beer picture.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

It was a Saturday night.  I was tired.  My mamaw and aunt were wearing me down.  It was like I was entertaining SIX kids.  I was tired when we made it to the restaurant to eat.  I asked our server if they had alcohol and when she told me I breathed, "Thank God."  She got a kick out of it.  So, when it arrived I had to give it a kiss!  I've been told by Renee that this is a picture of the year!

I HEART Mountain Express.

I'm in Video a-Go-Go again.