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Teenagers have to learn that having a cell phone is a privilege.

Best of 2009!

I am not weird.

Who's your Supermom??!??!

Best of 2009!

Best of 2009!

So, now what?

Best of 2009!

New Years Resolutions.

Best of 2009!

I will never WEAR black socks AGAIN!!!!!

Best of 2009!

The day after...

Merry Christmas Pictures

Merry Christmas

There are things that your heart never forgets even if your mind does.

I learned something about myself.

My letter to Santa.

RED ALERT!!! RED ALERT!!! Better run for cover.

Snow Before and Snow After

This and that now that we have Internet.

Good Monday Morning

I thought I updated for you yesterday.

The power, the power is off.

** It is snowing **

Like it, love it or hate it??

Supermom gets to talk to Daphne Brogdon of

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Making a list and checking it twice.

8 Days until Christmas?!??!

Three Little Bunnies Sitting on the Bed

Project Oreo is no more.

Countdown to Christmas.

When is the right time to add a pet to your family?

Lil O has a heart of gold.

This is where Supermom cries from the gratitude.

Okay, I admit it! I DID not sleep with Tiger Woods.

Supermom Cooks

Oh HELL!! Might as well traumatize my four year old.

Oh no she DIDN'T!!!!

My Snuggle Bunny ©

A simple blog on a Wednesday morning.

You won’t like me when I’m angry….

I'm sorry Tiger BUT I laughed until I wet my panties!

The Others.


Girls and boys just want to have fun.

I HEART Mountain Express.