Your chopsticks are NOT drumsticks!

We blew our compacting all to hell. Yesterday we went to a FREE fun filled afternoon at the Grove Park Inn to see the gingerbread houses. I love going to the GPI! I love the feel of the place. When I win the lottery I just want to live their full time. I guess I'd actually have to play the lottery to win though. Hmmmmm.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

Christmas Grove Park Inn

Christmas Grove Park Inn

Christmas Grove Park Inn

H and Baby M.

Christmas Grove Park Inn

Christmas Grove Park Inn

B2 and Lil O.

Christmas Grove Park Inn

Baby M. Ahhh such is life.

Christmas Grove Park Inn

Okay, this was all free fun! Then we were going downtown to eat at Early Girl to realize that all the change in the minivan had been confiscated for the Disney fund. Then realized that Lil O had taken all Superdads money for the fund as well. Which left us with no change for the meters and no cash for the parking garages. Soooooo, Superdad suggested we go to Green Tea for sushi.

Which was a great idea! The kids love sushi and I love Hibachi Chicken! I actually love the white sauce that comes with it more. I could just take shots of the white sauce!

All of this great food came with a great price. What we spent there on one meal with no leftovers could have fed us 3 times at Lucky Otter.

It was okay though. We were all enjoying ourselves AFTER H had consumed some caffeine because before she was a hormonal teen and you know how awful those are!!!!

I'd like to thank who invented the plastic clips for the chopsticks that make kids (and a 34 year old woman) able to use them!! Without stabbing the food! I confiscated them so we could use them at home.

Today I can tell I am in a semi-bad place. When I get this way mentally I see the house as dirty and I should clean every inch of it. Including the closets, cabinets and whatever else I get my mind set on. I hate feeling this way. I used one of those magic cleaners in the kitchen and think I will use my last one around the house. I really would love to clean up in the closets but they are pretty much clean. I cannot get rid of anything else in them. I have tried!!!

I don't know why I am so anxious!

Superdads Christmas Party is this coming Friday and I have decided to not go. I just don't want to leave Baby M to get all dressed up and socialize with adults. I have loved going in the past. A reason to buy a new outfit and NEW SHOES!! This year I'd rather stay in with clingy Baby M maybe watching Christmas movies with Lil O. H & B2 will be with their dad or we'd all be watching Christmas movies.

Speaking of Christmas movies I have fond memories of watching the old cartoons on ABC around this time with my papaw and mamaw. Great memories! Of course I have them on DVD now and bring them out of hiding after Thanksgiving. Lil O has been watching them and I get all teary eyed. I have been all teary eyed since Thanksgiving.

Maybe its because I have spending time with my family. Been dealing with some family issues that I am unable to control. Maybe it's that I am getting older and realize I am not immortal. With Baby M almost 8 months old and saying "Momma" I feel sad. I am very blessed. I thank God every day for my husband, my kids and my family. I am truly blessed.

I just get in these places that I am unable to explain.


Enough deep emotional chit chat.

Christmas Tree Up ~ CHECK!
Decorations Slowly Surfacing Around the House ~ CHECK!
Superdad a Present ~
Superdads Leg Light Nightlight Up ~ CHECK!


Watch Christmas Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this movie and watch it every Christmas!!! Superdad loves to watch "A Christmas Story" and I love to watch "Christmas Vacation".


Debbie said…
Those gingerbread houses are amazing! Sounds like fun. I always have guilt when I spend more than I should too.