What's on the Telly?

Random things I have watched this week and some of last. I watched a few things so you don't have to! I am nice like that!

  1. Batman. Very intense movie. You cannot watch this movie with small children around. Heath Ledger did a great performance. When is the next one due out and who will be the villain? IMPO Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman. I heart you Michael Keaton.
  2. Burn After Reading. DON'T BOTHER!! I REPEAT DON'T BOTHER!!!!!!!! Instead of watching this movie go take a nap, go out to eat, read a book or even visit the dentist. Yes, it is that bad!
  3. The IT Crowd. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!!!!!
  4. Diary of a Mad Black Woman. This is the last time I listen to my 14 year old when it comes to a movie recommendation. The very last time! Just FF through most of this movie so you can say you did in fact see that movie! Yes, she does end up with the nice guy!
  5. Top Chef. Was it just me or did Natasha Richardson change dresses for the Judges table? At the party her boobs were all over the place and at the table they were put away? I'll have to look into this further. Inquiring minds want to know.

I guess that sums up my TV time.

Who has time for the telly anyway?