A Wednesday Blog Typed Up on a Thursday.

Consolidating online.

Yep. I am making online changes. I deleted my MySpace profile and Twitter account today. I was getting sucked into too much online stuff.

I want simple. I want less. I want less stress.

~huge smile~

I went to the doctor today for my wrist. I had surgery on my left wrist due to an injury ten long years ago. It hurts. :( It's another ganglion cyst. I decided to wait and see if it goes away on its own before I have surgery to remove it. I see him again in 3 months. I really hope it goes away SOON because my wrist has ached all day!!! I am back to wearing this stupid looking black splint that I wore the last time. UGH!

Then I treated my mamaw to lunch at Chili's. I don't know why I bother the some of these chain restaurants. Don't get me wrong. I love Carrabba's. I love ummmm, okay I cannot think of another big chain place that I enjoy. Well, there is Chick-fil-A. Did I spell that right? I'd rather go downtown and hit a few local places. My mamaw is much harder to please. She doesn't like change and doesn't try new foods soooo going out with her is very limited.

After lunch we hit my favorite place ever!!! TARGET!!! I am so proud of myself. I only spent 3.00 on one impulse buy! This impulse buy has become a favorite something for me! Uh oh. As if I needed another vice.

Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale

Has anyone else tried this????? Opinions?