The Verdict Is In

Earlier in the week I posted about getting a Food Processor for Christmas from my husband.

Here's that post.

I also posted it on two groups that I am a member of.

Here are some of the other responses.

twitter moms

~Only if it's a really good coffee maker :)

~Appliances for Christmas...hmmmm. Only if he wants to WEAR it! of those massage chairs would be OK...that COULD be considered an appliance ya know. :)

~I don't know, last year my Mom asked for a really special blender and was really excited that we bought it for her. She was considering another small kitchen appliance this year but I know she doesn't like vacuums for her gift. I don't mind getting small kitchen appliances either, but it has to be something I want like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer (been wanting one of those for a really long time).

~I LOVE getting appliances at any time and think they make a great gift. Who wouldn't want a kitchen aid mixer stand, but with prices averaging $250... I consider this a luxury item. With that said, I think it's nice to get "luxury" appliances. No, I don't want my gift to be a new dishwasher, unless it's going to be one of the really cool high-tech 2-drawer ones that I wouldn't normally be able to buy. I'll take a really useful appliance over jewelry or lingerie any day.

~I'm all about the Kitchen aid stand mixer too. I got one for Christmas about ten years ago...LOVED it and still do! I think if it's a high-end appliance that you wouldn't usually grab for yourself while you were at Wal-mart or Target, then it's okay.
If you put a moratorium on Christmas appliances and he still got you one, then doghouse for him.

~I'd love to get an appliance.. but only if i didn't have it at home already. Nothings worse than have 2 of the same appliances. lol.. then its ReGift time!

~OH HE BETTER NOT! lol we actually quit buying each other Christmas gifts we just get for kids we did buy a new TV last month! flat screen TV so that was our gift we usually get something in house if we buy gifts 19 yrs ya run out of things after a while lol

Mom Bloggers

~Send him to the doghouse!

~I don't mind practicality, if I have asked for something in particular, but getting a "gift" I would go buy myself for our household is not really a gift, in my opinion. The worst gift I ever received was a freakin' vacuum cleaner! And this was on our second Christmas together as a married couple (granted, we're not younguns, and we've both been married previously). But, still! A kitchen-aid, for someone who bakes, or a really nice food processor, for someone who enjoys cooking, might be a good idea. But if it's something I would buy for myself, it's not a gift. It's a household expense. To me, there's a difference.

~I'm all about the practical. But if I want an appliance, I put it on my wish list so it's exactly what I wanted. I've learned to keep wish lists so I'm not disappointed and we don't have a miscommunication. I've also started asking for gift cards. I am tired of junk in my life.

~I love getting practical gifts, appliances included. I would be happy with a new toaster or toaster oven this Christmas =).

~Not unless they are in the wish list. As far as I'm concerned, my gifts have to me for ME. not for the family or whatever, for me. I never buy myself special things or expensive things, Christmas and birthdays are the one time I get them! I prefer to get one or two presents but something I really want than lots of surprises I don't like.

~Sure it is a great gift, but not really something "sweet" to give your significant other for a holiday. Would your hubby like a hair trimmer for Christmas? Sure you need it and want it, but not for that. It really is a household item.
BTW - My parents asked hubby and I what we wanted for Chanukah. On our list - a new toaster oven!

~I think it's a nice gift. It may not be a romantic gift but your husband was listening to you and that's a great thing. After I gave birth to my youngest, my husband got me a food processor because he knew I wanted to make my own baby food. It was really sweet and I have this great memory to attach to this appliance.

~In retrospect, I am happy all of my gadgets/appliances were gifts!
Upon my separation, it made it that much easier!
However, now, at this stage in my life, I agree that gadgets and appliances are household needs/convenience items/time savers, and should be purchased as a "family" item!

~Well, it all depends. If you're a foodie, then an appliance is a wonderful gift. If you're not, then it probably isn't. I personally don't want an appliance for Christmas. I want something for me, not something I can use to feed the family. So, I'm with you on this. Now he has to get you something else on top of the food processor.

Let me say thank you to everyone that left a comment in the various places this was posted!

I want to add that last year "Santa" left me a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and I love it!!! So, I guess getting a Food Processor from "Santa" isn't all that bad. IF I have a gift that is just for ME as well. :)