Supermom goes on vacation.

~leaving the kids alone for the first time.

No, I am not blogging from some tropical location.

I'd like to thank Superdad for bravely accepting the challenge of watching Lil O and Baby M so I could get a pedicure.

I haven't blogged about my new friend before. Sometimes I feel as if somethings are more personal. Yes, I can blog about sex, compacting and things my kids do BUT a girl has to have some secrets.

My new friend is a blogger! A damn good blogger!!! She is hilarious and makes me LOL! She is new to my little town! I am glad I was given the chance to meet her and hang out with her. You know getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people isn't easy for me. My sister says I am unapproachable. No, she wasn't paying me a compliment. Got to love family.

Anyway, let's just say, "There is no one else I'd rather walk downtown with in spa flip flops in 30 degree weather than Mrs. Furious."

Who really isn't that furious at all.

My piggies are ready for Christmas. Are yours?

I am home now, walking around in bare feet admiring my piggies.

Ahhhh, life is good. :)


Mrs Furious said…
Supermom you are too nice! Really.

You know what is funny? Some people find me unapproachable too. Which is hilarious to me since it's just social anxiety ;)

Thanks again for a lovely morning out. And thank Superdad for me too! You married right my friend.
Debbie said…
Fun for you! I am glad you got out and jealous of your new friend. I want a blogger friend too.