My husband is going to push me over the edge!

There is one room in the house that I don't like messed with. It happens to be my dining room area. The first room you see upon entering my house. Through the basement of course.

I think my husband has a special radar. I know it isn't intentional but subconsciously maybe he likes to "F" with me. Maybe over me hating his down booties I am sure of!!

"Supermom has polished the table. Put down her DO NOT EAT ON place mats. Centered the bowl just perfectly on all the sides." That's the radar I am talking about.


Dining Room

My perfect dining room table turns into his "work" station.

Yes, he has a desk. Why doesn't he use it? It's full of stuff as well. That's why.

Okay, the question I ask,

"What space in your house has to perfect for all to be right in the world?"

PS. He knows I feel this way or I wouldn't post about it!

PSS. I'd love some Photoshop CS 3 Extended Version help. I am working on a brand new The Adventures of Supermom header all by myself!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday.


Katie Mae said…
Sorry I got busy LOL! What kinda help do ya need? I got a new book for Christmas and WOW! It's like magic!

I need my living room in order for all to be perfect in the world... it's the room you walk into upon entering the house LOL!

AND... Ry has a stupid work station in there! With papers, CD's, books, papers, remote controls and his laptop. UGH!!!
CK said… have been spying in my house, huh? Men do this on purpose for some reason. I feel the same way about our living room (first place inside the door).

We've recently moved and with this move I've tried to de-clutter everything. With Christmas just a few days past it seems that the holiday won over my de-cluttering mission. The kiddo's room - forget it! No clue how to organize that mess!
Mrs Furious said…
So did I get it right that he wears down booties? That is so hysterical because Mr F is obsessed with his fleece booties ... which I also hate because they just look so freaking ridiculous. He can't live without them though.
Supermom said…
I am a bit relieved that I am not alone in this situation!

Let me add that Superdad did have my dining room table cleaned off by dinner!

He is a KEEPER!

PS. Mrs F--you did hear me correctly. They are like 30+ years old too!!!!!!!!!!