Lots of "breakable butts' out there!

The other day my friend Mrs F broke her butt. You can go here to read all about it on her blog.

For some odd reason today while at Fun Depot with my 2 youngest babies I was "butt watching". Yeah you moms I was checking out your trunk. Well, seeing if you had junk in your trunk. If you are like me the butt fairy DID NOT visit you when you hit your growth spurt.

You'd be amazed at all the flat butts that are out there! Including mine. I am sure that Sir Mix A Lot and Enimen wouldn't be writing a song about these butts. Okay, my point. I really don't have one. I just wanted you to know that I was checking out butts today! It's all your fault Mrs F!!!



CK said…
I'll share mine with you! Evidently Sir Mix-a-lot wrote his song about my junk. haha.
Mrs Furious said…
I swear if I had more padding this never would have happened!