I want to introduce you to someone!

Everyone knows I am working on a blog makeover. Something like that.

Last night I stumbled across this blog. What's Cook'n... (I'll link you in a sec. I want to share the story first.)

It's about a beautiful baby girl named Bree. Bree was born in March to a wonderful mommy, daddy and two big brothers. Trust me people. I cried like a baby last night and was up until midnight reading her blog and looking at her pictures!

I left her wonderful mommy a comment this morning because her blog touched me so much. Let me explain a bit more. Her first son Caleb was born with DS.

As you know we were told there was a chance that Baby M would have DS. They noticed a nuchal fold thickness during a routine ultrasound. We didn't have any further testing done because we would love our daughter no matter what. It was a rough wait for us. Until my cesarean. You can read about that here, here and here. Anyway....

Then she had another handsome son Gunner. That brings me to Bree. She was born in March. A wonderful happy loving baby. You can check out her blog and see for yourself all the beautiful pictures. In October Bree started getting black eyes. They thought her brothers were just playing a bit rough with her. After a visit to her doctor they were told that Bree has cancer. OMG, I cried last night. I held Baby M tight! Even though Bree doesn't feel well and going through treatments there is still a beautiful smile on her face!

I cannot put into words the love I want to pour onto this family. Here's the link to her personal blog so you can go read about Bree if you want to. Have the tissue handy! You will need it.

What's Cook'n
<~~~ Click to read all about this wonderful family!

Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers! I look forward to reading the updates!


Monkey's Momma said…
Michelle, I just went and looked through her blog. I bookmarked her so that I could add her to my blogroll later. It really is a great blog.