Does a short haircut mean women have gone off sex?

I was emailed this article this morning.

Does a short haircut mean women have gone off sex?

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Come on!!! Seriously?!?!? I quote a line,

If you gave a man two photographs of the same woman - in one her hair is long and in the other her hair is short - he will, almost invariably, prefer the long-haired version.

Our hair reflects so much of our internal life - and what's going on with us emotionally - that you shouldn't be surprised when a woman cuts her hair and also changes something in her life.

Don't be fooled when a woman cuts it all off or completely restyles it and yet denies there's anything going on.

You can bet that some sort of emotional change is taking place, and usually a dramatic cut reflects a whole new phase for her.

Okay, first let me say I LOVE SHORT HAIR!! It suits me! I find it sexy!! I didn't go through any emotional turmoil to make me change my hair. Just because I have short hair doesn't mean I am not looking for sex. I get plenty of that with short hair! SO THERE!

I often wonder when I see a commercial or a magazine that is flooded with women that have long tresses, where are the sexy short hair models? Just because a woman has short hair doesn't mean she cannot be sexy. ~shrug~


Superdad met me with short hair:

Even blond short hair:

Our first trip to Charleston:

The longest Superdad has ever seen my hair. I was getting it cut this day:

I had short hair when we got married:

I have had short hair our whole relationship and Superdad loves it!

Thanksgiving 2008


Mrs Furious said…
That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I've had both long and short since being with Mr F... and hands down he thinks the short is better. Some of us look better with short hair... I think it has to do with showing off our more beautiful faces ;)
Monkey's Momma said…
I love short hair too! I have had mine super short, like yours and now I wear it a bit longer. Short hair is SEXY!
Supermom said…
Mrs F. I KNOW!! That is some crazy talk!

I am sure there is a study about how women with long hair are insecure with themselves. Leaving them unable to cut it.

~shaking head~

MM. It is sexy!!